HEIGHT: 6'4"
WEIGHT: At Least 300 Pounds

Danhausen was not successful in his first few matches in ROH in 2019-2020, but the bizarre free agent quickly became a fan favorite. Known for carrying a jar of teeth with him, the very nice, very evil Danhausen and his legion of “fanhausens” campaigned on social media for him to receive an ROH contract (along with a blimp with his face on it and sacks of human money).

Danhausen was finally offered a contract on Halloween 2020, but for it to go into effect he was required to win a match before the end of the year. At Final Battle in December, Danhausen scored a controversial victory by disqualification over Brian Johnson to become a member of the ROH roster. He’s still waiting on the blimp and sacks of human money.