Replica ROH World Championship Belt

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List price:$499.99
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Ben Eargle's picture

Man, this thing is a mixed bag. Plate. Have a lot of “bubbles “ and plating issues. The strap isn’t the right shape at all and the plates rub and knock into each other. There is no gold tip like the real one. The backing is red, which is cool, but not accurate. Definitely not worth the price tag. Still, I drunkenly bought one at a live show and I love it anyway.

Ben Eargle's picture

The globe played ard on the wrong sides compared to the real one.

ed2ted92's picture

Bought this during the half price sale, on the plus, it's very heavy and feels good quality, on the bad, the vinyl wasn't applied properly and is bubbling and tearing in some places, also the leather back strap seems to have been made for a different belt design, and the side plates don't match the stock photo

Gael's picture

World Championship is about to start and it will take a lot of time for us to even work on it on I guess that there is nothing here that we can do about it.

uptownmike429's picture

Bought World title during sale. Couldn't beat the deal. When I opened. There was pluses and minuses. Plates look great! No problems there. But, like above simulated leather was cut wrong for this belt. So the side plates scrape against the main plate if you try to flatten out. Also, no gold tip. I'm emailing Wildkat Belts to try and buy a gold tip. Plus, I'm going to have professionally releathered so it can be displayed correctly.

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