Who did Bryan Danielson successfully defend the ROH World Title against at the inaugural Supercard of Honor in 2006?

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XenoHoodOrgRoderick Strong05/27/2022
Bone2350Christopher Daniels05/25/2022 Strong05/25/2022 Strong05/25/2022
RingOfKonnorRoderick Strong05/23/2022
shiroColt Cabana05/21/2022
masonlayChristopher Daniels05/21/2022
Jburge15Roderick Strong05/20/2022
the killerRoderick Strong05/20/2022
bruzrbrody78Roderick Strong05/20/2022
d24jim@aol.comChristopher Daniels05/19/2022
jecausey32Christopher Daniels05/19/2022
rjus2002Christopher Daniels05/17/2022
EddyBayaChristopher Daniels05/16/2022
rossw1416Christopher Daniels05/16/2022
Detroitmc5Christopher Daniels05/16/2022
b.dealer@hotmail.comColt Cabana05/14/2022
Mark V.Roderick Strong05/14/2022
kalbemChristopher Daniels05/14/2022 Daniels05/13/2022