Who was voted ROH’s Breakout Star of the Year for 2018?

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VisitorVoteTimestamp Page11/01/2021
treyrohfan4Adam Page10/31/2021
Liv DangerFlip Gordon10/31/2021
MRAJBRYANT35Flip Gordon10/31/2021
orginalsaintnbkFlip Gordon10/31/2021
erhabermanJeff Cobb10/30/2021
MachoGodMJeff Cobb10/29/2021 Gordon10/29/2021
joemandak3Flip Gordon10/29/2021
MontyeskewFlip Gordon10/29/2021
Jledesma222Flip Gordon10/29/2021
BergJeff Cobb10/29/2021
Dpad2020Jeff Cobb10/28/2021
Tony198436Adam Page10/28/2021
Robert RodkeyFlip Gordon10/28/2021
jsmichieFlip Gordon10/28/2021
Hammer93DHAdam Page10/28/2021
RodrikSousaAdam Page10/28/2021
Wayne FalzonJeff Cobb10/28/2021
MelovelaceAdam Page10/28/2021