Who did The Briscoes defeat to win their first ROH World Tag Team Titles?

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lbksomThe Prophecy09/17/2020
mongokid1Second City Saints09/17/2020
ricquavistaylor...Special K09/17/2020
Boldpoint82Special K09/17/2020
chikaku03Special K09/16/2020
Steveob84Special K09/16/2020
Moriordan85The Prophecy09/16/2020
Jraries90Special K09/15/2020
Colestark6The Rottweilers09/15/2020
blastbeatzSecond City Saints09/15/2020
AlbertBettisSpecial K09/15/2020
Alex_SoSecond City Saints09/14/2020
Sophielane1701The Prophecy09/14/2020
Kamil LipińskiSpecial K09/14/2020
straightedgejcfSecond City Saints09/13/2020
Canupp1084The Rottweilers09/13/2020
josh886Special K09/13/2020
12820The Prophecy09/13/2020
straightedge413Special K09/13/2020
jackie_kohler@y...Special K09/12/2020