Who did the All Night Express defeat to win their first ROH World Tag Team Titles?

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rayclough73Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team07/15/2020
thelucasgamer21...Kevin Steen and El Generico07/15/2020
AYPmanagement@g...The Kings of Wrestling07/15/2020
dgnfan24@aol.comWrestling's Greatest Tag Team07/15/2020
ButterWrestling's Greatest Tag Team07/15/2020
Dan The ManWrestling's Greatest Tag Team07/15/2020
Dougass1The Briscoes07/15/2020
longshot_larkWrestling's Greatest Tag Team07/14/2020
b.dealer@hotmail.comThe Briscoes07/14/2020
JimCarlin40Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team07/14/2020
Rayparmer17The Briscoes07/14/2020
ChrisPaulJr3The Briscoes07/14/2020
danielgregory@h...The Briscoes07/14/2020
Detroitmc5The Briscoes07/13/2020
baby boyThe Briscoes07/13/2020
Ntr73194peanutThe Briscoes07/13/2020
jameslisenbyiii...Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team07/13/2020
AlaxThe Briscoes07/13/2020
HusteadThe Briscoes07/13/2020
nathan.matthew85The Briscoes07/13/2020