Who was the last official winner of the ROH Top Prospect Tournament?

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This table lists all the recorded votes for this trivia. If anonymous users are allowed to vote, they will be identified by the IP address of the computer they used when they voted.
Arcagel1587Josh Woods08/19/2019
benjamin brownDalton Castle08/19/2019
ZacharyEverson123456Lio Rush08/19/2019
rohdeliriousJosh Woods08/19/2019
Tylerj1992Jeff Cobb08/18/2019
edwardsiceJosh Woods08/18/2019
jballz1976@gmail.comJosh Woods08/18/2019
ry79maddie@yahoo.comJeff Cobb08/18/2019
swiftchris206@g...Jeff Cobb08/18/2019
nicksolomon1992Jeff Cobb08/18/2019
chrishicks880@g...Lio Rush08/18/2019
scojo22573Josh Woods08/18/2019
karl971@live.frLio Rush08/18/2019
ManOwaRJeff Cobb08/18/2019
Joe MillerJosh Woods08/17/2019
scottldowneyJeff Cobb08/16/2019
barydbreondrish...Dalton Castle08/16/2019
malaka78Josh Woods08/16/2019
jay2psuJeff Cobb08/15/2019
Blackout1280Josh Woods08/15/2019