Which fellow LifeBlood member did Bandido make his ROH TV debut against?

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ROZman77Tracy Williams03/19/2019
heynolanMark Haskins03/19/2019
ninjahikerncTracy Williams03/19/2019
spatula_89Mark Haskins03/19/2019
vervilledavidDavid Finlay03/19/2019
twansruckerMark Haskins03/18/2019
nava.jmTracy Williams03/18/2019
dbowden1989Tracy Williams03/18/2019
Ismael PerezMark Haskins03/18/2019
jquickMark Haskins03/18/2019
tysondennis17@g...Mark Haskins03/18/2019
AggroChickenMark Haskins03/18/2019
Will FerraraMark Haskins03/18/2019
Sean CunninghamMark Haskins03/18/2019
KshowbigMark Haskins03/18/2019
NatsGMMark Haskins03/18/2019
jonhughes411Tracy Williams03/18/2019
BergMark Haskins03/18/2019
emcgroganMark Haskins03/18/2019
zac6902Mark Haskins03/18/2019