Which ROH star became a champion at Final Battle 2018?

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honorjapanclubKelly Klein01/13/2019
a.dumfart1984Jay Lethal01/13/2019
BergSumie Sakai01/13/2019
spike7137@gmail.comKelly Klein01/13/2019
Jasx88Kelly Klein01/13/2019
JCDykesJrKelly Klein01/13/2019
tonmaddKelly Klein01/13/2019
gube_316Kelly Klein01/13/2019
Ben VanderburgKelly Klein01/13/2019
Blot911Kelly Klein01/13/2019
spatula_89Kelly Klein01/13/2019
ianallenKelly Klein01/13/2019
djbardenettBLJay Lethal01/13/2019
clintgibson60Kelly Klein01/13/2019
amaya214Kelly Klein01/13/2019
vmeloni1232Kelly Klein01/13/2019
BlackFrostKelly Klein01/13/2019
PCurley1Jay Lethal01/13/2019
CbozoraKelly Klein01/12/2019
1919eternalsdmfKelly Klein01/12/2019