Which ROH star became a champion at Final Battle 2018?

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timothypalmer16Kelly Klein01/13/2019
TripleAAAKelly Klein01/13/2019
bigrcoryellKelly Klein01/13/2019
atlaneKelly Klein01/13/2019
lance13gKelly Klein01/13/2019
aredneck92Kelly Klein01/13/2019
JC4lifeKelly Klein01/13/2019
Anthony NkwochaKelly Klein01/13/2019
shboe@comcast.netKelly Klein01/13/2019
tunamanKelly Klein01/13/2019
jasonrusnakKelly Klein01/13/2019
DerrickBruKelly Klein01/13/2019
ActionJeffsonKelly Klein01/13/2019
laslomichaelKelly Klein01/13/2019
skysofly4@gmail.comKelly Klein01/13/2019
SethLee13Kelly Klein01/13/2019
pdogg1024Kelly Klein01/13/2019
johndudebroKelly Klein01/13/2019
jbnealKelly Klein01/13/2019
RabidSquirrelKelly Klein01/13/2019