Which ROH star became a champion at Final Battle 2018?

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jameshj80Kelly Klein01/14/2019
shizzle69Kelly Klein01/14/2019
jayfive35Kelly Klein01/14/2019
TboneduffyKelly Klein01/14/2019
froggie1388 Jay Lethal01/14/2019
MiketallicaKelly Klein01/14/2019
paulrobertbush@...Jay Lethal01/14/2019
Kingdaddy518Kelly Klein01/14/2019
mmcleanKelly Klein01/14/2019
rickrude7988@gm...Jay Lethal01/14/2019
MissHayleyCKelly Klein01/14/2019
bsanchezpezoa@g...Kelly Klein01/14/2019
AydonB53Kelly Klein01/14/2019
Rich RegulaJay Lethal01/14/2019
matthias-denner...Bully Ray01/14/2019
pparker519Jay Lethal01/14/2019
fopdoodleJay Lethal01/14/2019
UncleRichKelly Klein01/14/2019
mdgeerKelly Klein01/14/2019
blaisecamo@outl...Jay Lethal01/13/2019