Vita Von Starr’s Ticket To Gold Is Revoked

When ROH Board of Directors member Maria Kanellis-Bennett gave Vita VonStarr of The Righteous a ticket to gold for the ROH Women’s World Title Tournament a few weeks ago, it came with a condition: If VonStarr interfered in any of the men’s matches, she would lose her spot.

Either VonStarr just couldn’t help herself or perhaps she was blindly following orders from Righteous leader Vincent, but she unleashed an unprovoked attack on Matt Taven during his match against The Righteous’ Dutch on the latest episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling.

Kanellis-Bennett immediately came out and informed VonStarr that she was out of the tournament.

Ever since VonStarr showed up in ROH as one of Vincent’s followers a year and a half ago, she has interfered in matches involving her fellow Righteous members, usually when they were facing Taven and/or Mike Bennett.