Stardom's Kagetsu Enters the WOH Championship Tournament

Kagetsu enters the Women of Honor Championship tournament as one half of the Goddess of Stardom Champions with Hana Kimura and a litany of accolades that make her one of the favorites to become the first Women of Honor Champion!

The decade-long veteran is in the prime of her career and is a member of the faction Oedo Tai. Oedo Tai is one of the most dominant groups in Stardom, where she has held the Goddess of Stardom Championships twice and the Artist of Stardom Championships, their six-women championship, once!

Kagetsu has some familiarity with a few of the domestic favorites in the Women of Honor Championship Tournament, having fended off “The Gatekeeper” Kelly Klein and her then-partner Bea Priestly after Kelly and Bea won the Goddess of Stardom Tag Team tournament to win a shot at the championships!

Kagetsu has clearly excelled in tag team wrestling but remains a major threat in singles action, as well! Kagetsu has an impressive combination of speed and power, using the Ebisu Drop, a devastating variation of the Michinoku Driver from a firewoman’s carry position, and the Oedo Coaster, a 450 splash! caught up with Kagetsu to get her thoughts on being selected as being one of the 16 top athletes that will compete for the Women of Honor Championship. Here is what the woman who is known as the “Charisma of Oedo Tai” and the “Full Power Power Girl” had to say to fans that may be unfamiliar! 

“Hey Everyone! What’s up! Joshi Puroresu Charisma KAGETSU Sama is going to WOH tournament! You know what?! Everybody will know why I am in this tournament!”

Kagetsu, who is an accomplished judoka, is not afraid to resort to tactics that are less than honorable. Not afraid to spit water or spew mist, Kagetsu is willing to go to any limit to pick up a victory, making her a major threat to become the first Women of Honor Champion!