Sneak Peek At New Briscoes and Jay Lethal Action Figures From Figures Toy Company

They are three men who helped build Ring of Honor from the ground up.  Together, they share a combined 19 title reigns consisting of every singles and tag team championship established in ROH history.  This Friday night, they face off in a championship clash at Final Battle when they go to war with the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Titles at stake.  Jay Lethal and The Briscoes are the epitome of ROH; championship caliber athletes and franchise players who made their mark in wrestling history by becoming the Best In The World.  Although they are engaged in a bitter rivalry that will come to a head live on Pay Per View this Friday, all three will be together in the new series of Ring of Honor action figures from Figures Toy Company!

 Just as they’ve been an integral part of the Best Wrestling On The Planet, Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe, and Jay Lethal had a major part in FTC’s initial Ring of Honor toy line.  Longtime fans will recall that the first series of ROH figures ever produced consisted of these three mainstays!  Now, they will see inclusion in FTC’s new series of ROH wrestling figures with the updated likenesses pictured here, and with current ring attire to differentiate each of them from their original figures!    The announcement of Lethal and The Briscoes for the new line also marks the first time veteran talent have been shown in previews, as previous figure reveals at have focused on more recent Ring of Honor arrivals like the reigning ROH World Heavyweight Champion RUSH, PCO, Mark Haskins, and the Women of Honor.

For those fans who want to get their hands on ROH action figures and accessories right now,  visit to order an assortment of stars from the present and past, the official Ring of Honor Wrestling ring, action figure belts, and even ROH guardrails!  Look for future updates from Figures Toy Company at and on social media to include sneak previews at production, and additional announcements confirming action figures of more of your favorite ROH stars!