ROH Week By Week Match Preview: Heavy Hitters Chris Dickinson, O'Shay Edwards Collide In Survival Of The Fittest Qualifier

Violence Unlimited’s Chris Dickinson needed just 18 seconds to force promising ROH Dojo member Eric Martin to tap out when they met a few weeks ago.

Two days later, “The Big, Bad Kaiju” O’Shay Edwards scored a hard-fought victory over fierce rival Sledge in a no-disqualification, no-countout war.

Coming off those statement-making victories, the two intense, hard-hitting competitors will square off for the first time in a Survival of the Fittest qualifying match Tuesday on “ROH Week By Week.” The victor will advance to the SOTF six-way elimination final for a shot at the ROH World Championship.

Dickinson, who also competes in NJPW Strong and is one of the biggest stars on the independent circuit, still has a chip on his shoulder over not getting an ROH contract in 2015. “The Dirty Daddy” wrestled one match for the company that year and was not welcomed back until a few months ago.

“I’m sorry it has to be you, but it has to be somebody. You just happen to be the first,” Dickinson said of Edwards. “So all of this leads to a shot at the Ring of Honor World Title. I can’t think of a better way to just stick it up everybody’s ass even more since I walked into this company, since Violence Unlimited has just run the gauntlet on everyone that we’ve come across.

“I can’t think of a better way to put an exclamation point on this whole thing than holding the Ring of Honor World Championship above my head.”

Edwards, who became an official member of Shane Taylor Promotions as reward for his win over Sledge, believes he has an even bigger chip on his shoulder than Dickinson.

“Man, you’re an independent superstar. Who the hell you telling that you’re overlooked?” Edwards said of Dickinson. “You’re rubbing shoulders overseas, over the country, with world champions, and you’re overlooked? Everybody knows who Chris Dickinson is, but don’t nobody know O’Shay Edwards.

“But it’s all right, though, because they’re gonna know.”