ROH Week By Week Exclusive Match: Chris Dickinson Chops Down O'Shay Edwards In Survival Of The Fittest Qualifier

“ROH Week By Week” #56 exclusive match
Premiered: June 15, 2021

Survival of the Fittest Qualifying Match: O’Shay Edwards vs. Chris Dickinson
(20-minute time limit)

Edwards used his size and power advantage to seize control early in the match. Dickinson halted Edwards’ momentum by attacking his right hamstring and knee. After Dickinson hit a Shining Wizard for a two count, he applied a single-leg crab, but Edwards made it to the bottom rope to force a break.

Edwards rallied by hitting a spinebuster followed by a series of clubbing forearms in the corner that rocked Dickinson. Edwards hit a t-bone suplex for a two count. Dickinson regained the advantage and locked on the STF. Edwards again made it to the ropes. With a wobbly Edwards standing on the apron, Dickinson charged at him. Edwards attempted to kick Dickinson, but Dickinson caught his ankle and hit a Dragon Screw leg whip onto the middle rope. Dickinson applied the STF again, and Edwards tapped out at the 9:09 mark.

Dickinson joins Demonic Flamita, Brian Johnson and Eli Isom as the first four competitors in the Survival of the Fittest six-way elimination final.


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