ROH TV Recap: Williams And Titus Retain Tag Title By DQ Over Lee And King, Chaos Ensues; Isom Tops Draper In Survival Of The Fittest Qualifier

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #508
Airdate: Weekend of June 12, 2021

Eli Isom and Dak Draper sit-down interviews

Survival of the Fittest Qualifying Match: Dak Draper vs. Eli Isom
(20-minute time limit)

Before the start of the match, Dalton Castle and his entourage came down to ringside. Isom and Draper, who were both on the receiving end of low blows from Castle after they had wrestled to a draw in April, wanted him to leave, but Castle said he was there just to look at them. Draper kicked Isom in the midsection during the Code of Honor, but Isom fired up and tossed Draper out of the ring and then landed a flip dive. Isom climbed the ropes, but Castle distracted him, allowing Draper to seize the advantage.

Draper deadlift-suplexed Isom from the apron for a two count. Draper hit a crossbody on Isom that sent both of them over the top rope to the floor. Draper threw Isom into the barricade where Castle was standing, and Castle had to dive over the barricade to avoid being hit. Castle got on his feet and said, “That was amazing!”

Back inside the ring, Draper hit a Doctor Bomb for a near fall. Isom hit a Sidewinder Slam for a near fall, and Draper answered with a powerslam for a two count. Draper set up for Magnum KO, but Castle kept saying he wanted to see something bigger. Draper released Isom and set up for a superplex. As he was doing so, Castle and his entourage exited. Isom escaped and hit The Promise for the win in 11:17.

Isom joined Demonic Flamita and Brian Johnson as the first three competitors in the Survival of the Fittest six-way elimination final.

Sit-down interviews with O’Shay Edwards and Chris Dickinson

Pure Rules Match for ROH World Tag Team Title: Champions Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus of The Foundation vs. Dragon Lee and Kenny King of La Faccion Ingobernable
(45-minute time limit)

Former champions Lee and King were looking to regain the belts they technically never lost. King and Bestia del Ring (substituting for Lee, who was recovering from surgery on his ruptured eardrum) were unsuccessful in their title defense against Williams and Titus at 19th Anniversary in March.

Williams trapped King in the Texas Cloverleaf, and King used the first of his team’s three rope breaks. As Williams and Lee engaged in a chop fest, Lee pulled down Williams’ shoulder guard, and Williams then removed it completely. The action spilled to the floor and Lee tossed Williams shoulder-first into the barricade. Back inside the ring, Lee hit a double stomp off the top rope onto Williams’ shoulder. 

Later, Titus hit a belly-to-belly suplex on King and went for a cover, but King got his foot on rope (rope break No. 2 for LFI). Williams locked on the crossface on King, who used LFI’s third and final rope break. King applied an Indian Deathlock to Williams. Titus came off the top rope onto King to make the save. That counted as The Foundation’s first rope break. Lee hit a double stomp on Titus in the corner and then did a flip dive onto Williams on the floor. 

Lee tossed Williams into the ring. King hit Royal Flush on Williams, and Lee covered him. Titus broke up the pin, which counted as his team’s second rope break. Williams hit a super piledriver from the middle rope on Lee and made the cover. King made the save, but since LFI was out of rope breaks, Lee and King were disqualified in 16:09.

After the match, Bestia del Ring came out. Besita, Lee and King beat down Williams and Titus. The Foundation’s Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham joined the fight. Violence Unlimited (Brody King, Tony Deppen, Chris Dickinson and Homicide) came out to the stage and watched the brawl.


-- ROH World Television Title Triple Threat Match: Champion Tony Deppen vs. Tracy Williams vs. Dragon Lee

-- Survival of the Fittest Qualifying Match: Bandido vs. Bateman