ROH TV Recap: Violence Unlimited Takes Down The Foundation In Eight-Man Tag Battle

ROH TV Recap: Violence Unlimited Takes Down The Foundation In Eight-Man Tag Battle

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #506
Airdate: Weekend of May 29, 2021

Highlights from last week: ROH World Tag Team Champions Tracy Williams and Rhett Titus defeat The OGK

Post-match comments from Tracy Williams and Rhett Titus

Pre-match comments from Joe Keys

Pre-match comments from LSG

Joe Keys vs. LSG
(20-minute time limit)

Keys and LSG won the rankings battle royal two weeks ago. The winner of this match earns the right to be ranked in either the World TV Title or Pure Title rankings.

After an early stalemate, Keys hit a German suplex for a two count. LSG connected with a springboard forearm for a two count. LSG began targeting Keys’ neck, hitting a running neckbreaker for a near fall. LSG hit Rocket-Bye Baby and then transitioned into a Muta Lock. Keys managed to get to the ropes to force a break.

Keys halted LSG’s momentum by catching him in an inside cradle and transitioning into a suplex. Keys got a two count with an O’Connor Roll, but LSG slipped out and countered with a crucifix for the win.

Post-match comments from LSG

Highlights from two weeks ago: Silas Young steals one from Josh Woods

Post-match comments from Silas Young

Survival of the Fittest begins next week

Pre-match comments from Violence Unlimited 

Pre-match comments from The Foundation 

The Foundation (Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham, Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus) vs. Violence Unlimited (Brody King, Tony Deppen, Chris Dickinson & Homicide)
(30-minute time limit)

Gresham used his technical wrestling expertise to gain the advantage over Homicide, and then taunted Homicide by saying he just schooled him. That angered Homicide, who kicked Gresham in the stomach and went on the offensive. Later, VU isolated Gresham until Titus tagged in. Titus ran wild on King, Dickinson and Deppen. Titus hit two running boots to the face on King in the corner and followed with a knee to King’s spine off the top rope for a two count.

Eventually, all eight men were brawling in the ring. Lethal nailed King with a pair of superkicks. Lethal set up for Lethal Injection, but Homicide jumped up on the apron and Lethal collided with him. Lethal was propelled backward into King, who hoisted Lethal up on his shoulders and planted him with the Gonzo Bomb for the victory.


-- Pure Rules Match: Josh Woods vs. Silas Young

-- Survival of the Fittest Round 1: Rey Horus vs. Flamita