ROH TV Recap: Violence Unlimited Prevails In Wild Eight-Man Tag Over PCO, Danhausen, Sledge, Demonic Flamita

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #524
Airdate: Weekend of Oct. 2, 2021

Violence Unlimited issues challenge

Pre-match comments from Alex Zayne & Taylor Rust and the Briscoes

Alex Zayne & Taylor Rust vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe

After the action spilled outside the ring, Mark Briscoe suplexed Zayne onto the apron, and then the Briscoes double-teamed Zayne and Rust on the floor. Back inside the ring, the Briscoes isolated Zayne. After Zayne made the tag, Rust hit a flurry of offense on both Briscoes. Taylor applied the Goya Lock on Mark Briscoe, but Jay Briscoe made the save.

Zayne hit a springboard moonsault onto both Briscoes on the floor. With Mark Briscoe perched on the top rope, Rust landed a pump kick to the head. Zayne did a forward roll onto Rust’s back into a hurricanrana on Mark Briscoe off the top rope. Rust made the cover and got a near fall. The Briscoes rallied, and Jay Briscoe hit the Jay Driller on Rust. Mark Briscoe followed with Froggy Bow for the win in 11:16.

Violence Unlimited’s challenge is answered

ROH Women’s World Champion Rok-C is interviewed in the ring

Miranda Alize attacks Rok-C from behind

Violence Unlimited (Brody King, Tony Deppen, Chris Dickinson & Homicide) vs. PCO, Danhausen, Sledge & Demonic Flamita)

VU isolated Sledge, who eventually tagged in PCO. PCO ran wild on all four members of VU. PCO and King, who are former tag partners, engaged in a slugfest. PCO hit a pop-up powerbomb on King for a two count. King answered with a piledriver, which caused PCO to “malfunction.” A confused PCO went to the apron and asked King to tag him in. King played along. PCO began attacking his teammates. PCO hit a moonsault on Sledge and covered him, but the referee didn’t make the count because they’re on the same team.

PCO finally regained his senses. He charged at King, but King sidestepped him and shoved him out of the ring. Danhausen hit a tornado DDT on King, a release Northern Lights suplex on Deppen and a German suplex on Dickinson. Deppen hit a Destroyer on Demonic Flamita. King planted Sledge with a Gonzo Bomb for the win in 15:05.


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