ROH TV Recap: Tracy Williams Bests Former Pure Champion John Walters; Mike Bennett Beats Vincent By DQ, Melee Ensues

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #481
Airdate: Weekend of Dec. 5, 2020

Host Quinn McKay welcomed viewers to the show and threw to the finish of Brody King’s win over Shane Taylor last week followed by post-match comments from King.

McKay threw to the finish of Josh Woods’ victory over Jay Lethal last week followed by post-match comments from Woods.

Preview package: Mike Bennett vs. Vincent

Grudge match: Vincent vs. Mike Bennett
(20-minute time limit)

This was Bennett’s first match in ROH in five years. Vincent stalled at the beginning of the match and then pounced on Bennett after he let his guard down for a second. Bennett fired back with a series of chops and forearms. Vincent hit a cutter through the ropes to the floor. Vincent followed with a side suplex on the floor.

Back inside the ring, Vincent connected on a pump kick and hit a German suplex. Bennett got a surge of energy and answered with a superkick and Death Valley Driver for a two count. Vincent hit a Side Effect for a two count. Bennett hit another superkick for a near fall. Bennett went for a spear, but Vincent caught him in a chokehold. Bennett powered out and hit  a brainbuster.

Bennett speared Vincent and set up for a piledriver, but Vincent blocked it. Vincent backed Bennett into the corner and unloaded a series of punches. Vincent continued the assault and ignored the referee’s warning to let Bennett out of the corner. The referee disqualified Vincent at 11:34.

After the match, Vincent continued to beat down Bennett on the floor. Matt Taven appeared on the stage and dove onto Vincent. Bateman came out and attacked Taven. A brawl between all four men broke out. Security eventually was able to separate them.

Rhett Titus is the Foundation

Mark Briscoe picks a new tag partner … and he isn’t human!

Tracy Williams sit-down interview

John Walters sit-down interview

Pure Rules Match: John Walters vs. Tracy Williams
(15-minute time limit)

Flip Gordon, who will face ROH Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham for the title at the Final Battle pay-per-view on Dec. 18, joined Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman on commentary. 

Walters, who held the Pure Title for six months in 2004-2005, was competing in his first ROH match in 14 years. Williams gained the advantage with a short-arm scissors, but Walters used the first of his three allotted rope breaks. Walters clipped Williams’ left knee and went to work on it. Walters used a Dragon Screw legwhip and locked on a Sharpshooter. Williams used his first rope break.

Williams applied a heel lock, but Walters used his second rope break. Williams hit a snap suplex off the second rope and applied a crossface. Walters used his final rope break. Williams hit a DDT onto the top turnbuckle and followed with a discus clothesline. He planted Walters with a piledriver and covered him for the victory at 11:41.


-- Pure Rules Match: Flip Gordon vs. Josh Woods

-- Mark Briscoe and PCO vs. The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas)