ROH TV Recap: Tracy Williams And Rhett Titus Retain World Tag Team Belts Against OGK; Matt Taven Attacked Backstage Before Match

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #505
Airdate: Weekend of May 22, 2021

Backstage: Matt Taven attacked

Pre-match comments from Fred Yehi and Rocky Romero


Pure Rules Match: Fred Yehi vs. Rocky Romero
(15-minute time limit)

Yehi is No. 2 in the Pure Title rankings and Romero is No. 4. Romero applied a headlock, but Yehi used his first rope break by backing Romero into the ropes. As soon as Romero broke the hold, Yehi landed a strike to the midsection followed by a body slam. Yehi began working over Romero’s left arm and shoulder. Later, Romero targeted Yehi’s left arm.

Yehi rocked Romero with a backhand strike under the ear and hit a snap Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Romero trapped Yehi in an armbar submission, but Yehi used his second rope break. Yehi hit a T-bone suplex and applied the Koji Clutch, but Romero used his first rope break. Romero applied the armbar submission again, but Yehi escaped, trapped Romero’s legs underneath him and began punching him in the back and midsection. Yehi connected with a forearm and Shining Wizard. Then he locked on the Koji Clutch, and Romero tapped out at the 14:44 mark.

Backstage: Matt Taven gets ankle taped

Flip Gordon wants RUSH; EC3 delivers a warning to Gordon

Pre-match comments from The Foundation

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Foundation (Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus) vs. The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett)
(45-minute time limit)

The OGK were looking to regain the belts they last held in 2015. Titus worked over Taven’s injured right ankle. Taven connected with Just the Tip on Williams and tagged in Bennett, who landed a series of chops on Williams and Titus. Taven superkicked Titus, and Bennett followed with a spear for a near fall. With Titus on his knees, Bennett got behind him and applied a hammerlock. At the same time, Williams put Taven in a Boston Crab (Bennett and Willams were the legal men at that point). Bennett and Williams began slapping each other before they eventually released their holds.

Williams hit a piledriver on Taven, and Bennett did the same to Titus. Taven caught Williams with an O’Connor Roll, but Williams countered into an ankle lock, and Bennett made the save. Titus hit a belly-to-belly suplex on Bennett, who rolled to the floor. Titus hit two running boots to the face on Taven in the corner. Williams connected with a clothesline, and Titus followed with a dropkick to the back that sent Taven into Williams’ waiting arms. Williams snatched Taven and planted him with a piledriver for the win in 19:28.

After the match, Vincent appeared on the video screen and taunted Taven.