ROH TV Recap: Shane Taylor Promotions Topples Foundation And Joe Keys In Eight-Man Tag; Mandy Leon Does Quinn McKay Dirty

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #513
Airdate: Weekend of July 17, 2021

Backstage: Jonathan Gresham is out, Joe Keys is in

Brian Johnson is sitting in for Quinn McKay

Fred Yehi vs. Rey Horus
(20-minute time limit)

Horus hit a flip dive over the top rope onto Yehi on the floor. Back inside the ring, Horus hit a high crossbody off the top rope for a two count. Horus continued the aerial assault with a spinning frog splash for a two count. Yehi halted Horus’ momentum with a series of hard strikes to the back of Horus’ head. Yehi applied the Koji Clutch, but Horus made it to the ropes. Horus hit a bodyscissors driver off the top rope for the win in 9:53.

Sit-down interviews with Mandy Leon and Quinn McKay 

The Allure’s Mandy Leon (w/Angelina Love) vs. Quinn McKay
(20-minute time limit)

If McKay wins, she receives the final ticket to gold for the ROH Women’s Title Tournament, which kicks off on ROH TV the weekend of July 31. McKay extended her hand for the Code of Honor. Leon grasped McKay’s hand and pulled her in for a forearm to the face. Leon grabbed the microphone and said McKay fell for the oldest trick in the book and that’s why she doesn’t belong in the ring.

Leon immediately went on the offensive, but when she charged into the corner, McKay moved. McKay jumped on top of Leon and started slugging away. McKay applied la magistral cradle for a two count. Leon answered by repeatedly throwing McKay to the mat by her hair. While the referee was distracted, Love yanked McKay off the apron. Leon connected on a running dropkick off the apron and then suplexed McKay on the floor.

McKay rallied and hit a powerslam followed by a running neckbreaker and three spinning neckbreakers for a near fall. McKay locked on Tangerine Dream and hopped onto Leon’s back. Love jumped onto the apron to distract the referee while Leon was tapping. McKay released the hold, figuring she won the match. As the referee informed McKay that the match wasn’t over, Love passed brass knuckles to Leon. As the referee was again distracted by Love, Leon nailed McKay in the head with the brass knuckles and pinned her in 7:44.

ROH Board of Directors member Maria Kanellis-Bennett, who was sitting in on commentary during the match, said the referee can only call what he sees, but she “can do what’s necessary.”

Pre-match comments from Shane Taylor Promotions

Pre-match comments from The Foundation & Joe Keys

Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, O’Shay Edwards & Soldiers of Savagery’s Moses & Kaun) vs. The Foundation (Jay Lethal, Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus) & Joe Keys
(30-minute time limit)

After STP isolated Lethal, Taylor connected with a big right hand that knocked Lethal out of the ring. Kaun continued the assault on the two-time former ROH World Champion until Lethal hit Lethal Combination and tagged in Titus. A fired-up Titus ran wild on all four STP members. Titus landed two running boots to Moses’ face in the corner and then hit a knee drop off the top rope onto Moses for a near fall. Titus drop-kicked Moses into a German Suplex by Keys, but Edwards broke up the pin.

The match broke down and all eight men began brawling. STP cleared the ring, and Moses hit a cannonball off the apron that took out Lethal and Williams. Keys found himself all alone in the ring with Taylor, Edwards and Kaun. Key began fighting all three, but Taylor stopped him with a head butt. Edwards covered Keys, but Titus and Williams made the save. Titus and Williams combined for a butterfly suplex on Kaun. Keys knocked Taylor out of the ring with a missile dropkick. Edwards caught Keys with a pop-up spinebuster for the win in 16:54.


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