ROH TV Recap: Shane Taylor Promotions Thwart Danhausen, PCO And Sledge To Retain ROH World Six-Man Tag Title

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #528
Premiered: Halloween night 2021 (YouTube)

Pre-match comments from Rok-C and Quinn McKay


ROH Women’s World Champion Rok-C & Quinn McKay vs. Miranda Alize & Max The Impaler (w/Amy Rose)

Alize attacked Rok-C from behind at the start. They exchanged blows until McKay tagged herself in. McKay power-slammed Alize for a two count. Alize responded by biting McKay’s fingers. McKay jumped on Max’s back and applied a sleeper hold. Rok-C charged at Max, but Max grabbed her by the throat, scooped her up and slammed her. Max then flipped McKay on top of Rok-C.

Alize hit the GTS on McKay, but Rok-C made the save. Alize superkicked McKay. Max picked up McKay with one arm and Rok-C with the other arm and drove them both to the mat. Max hit a backbreaker on McKay. Alize tagged in and pinned McKay for the win. 

Wildcard Trick or Treat Halloween Tag Team Four-Corner Survival Match: Demonic Flamita & O’Shay Edwards vs. Silas Young & Rey Horus vs. EC3 & World Famous CB vs. Matt Taven & Flip Gordon

Edwards overpowered Taven, and he and Flamita isolated the former ROH World Champion. Later, former MexiSquad teammates Flamita and Horus put their differences aside and worked together against Taven. Flamita then superkicked Horus. Taven hit Kick of the King on Flamita.

Gordon, still thinking it’s 2018, hit a flurry of vintage Flip moves on Flamita and Horus. Gordon hit Kinder Surprise on EC3, and Taven followed with a frog splash, but Edwards made the save. EC3 clotheslined Flamita to the floor. Horus hit a 450 Splash on CB, but Young tossed Horus out of the ring and covered CB for the win.

Pre-match comments from Danhausen, PCO and Sledge; Shane Taylor Promotions 


ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Title Match: Champions Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor & Soldiers of Savagery’s Moses and Kaun) vs. Danhausen, PCO & Sledge
Danhausen tried to frustrate Taylor with his unorthodox behavior, but Taylor shut him down with a right hand to the jaw. Sledge and Taylor exchanged blows before Taylor also decked him with a right hand. Sledge speared Taylor. After PCO had a malfunction, he took out Sledge. As PCO was removing the turnbuckle pad, he inadvertently struck the referee. With the referee temporarily incapacitated, PCO slammed all three members of STP’s heads into the exposed turnbuckle. PCO had another malfunction and dove to the floor with no one there.

Danhausen hit a top rope hurricanrana on Taylor and followed with a pump kick to Taylor. Kaun hit a pop-up, modified codebreaker on Danhausen. PCO dove onto Sledge. Moses and Kaun hit Cointel on Danhausen, and Taylor followed with a package piledriver on Danhausen for the victory.

After the match, Sledge and PCO brawled with each other.


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