ROH TV Recap: RUSH Retains ROH World Title Thanks To Kenny King; King And Dragon Lee Win World Tag Title

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #493
Airdate: Weekend of Feb. 27, 2021

Inside the locker room of La Faccion Ingobernable


Dragon Lee and Kenny King (w/Amy Rose) pre-match comments


Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham pre-match comments


ROH World Tag Team Title Match (Pure Rules): Champions Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham of The Foundation vs. Dragon Lee & Kenny King (w/Amy Rose) of La Faccion Ingobernable
(45-minute time limit)

Gresham applied a hammerlock on Lee, and Lee used the first of his team’s three allotted rope breaks just one minute into the match. Shortly thereafter, Lethal put King in the figure-four leglock, and King used their second rope break. Lee punched Lethal in the face and the referee issued him a warning. Lee hit a dropkick off the middle rope on Lethal and then dove onto Lethal outside the ring. Lee and King isolated Lethal.

Later, Lethal gained the advantage by working on King’s knee. Gresham caught Lee in La Magistral Cradle, but King made the save, which counted as their third and final rope break. Lethal and Gresham attempted a combination cutter on Lee, but Lee caught Gresham and hit a tombstone piledriver on him for a near fall. King hit a brainbuster on Gresham, and Lee followed with Incineration, but Lethal made the save to use his team’s first rope break.

Lethal went for a dive onto King on the floor, but King moved and Lethal inadvertently knocked down Rose. While the referee directed his attention to Rose, Lee punched Gresham in the face and pinned him at 14:12 to win the match and the title. Had the referee seen the punch, Lee and King would’ve been disqualified.

Lee, the ROH World Television Champion, now holds two titles. Lethal and Gresham had been tag team champions since December 2019.

Shane Taylor sit-down interview


ROH World Title Match: Champion RUSH vs. Shane Taylor
(60-minute time limit)

Kenny King sat in on commentary. The match quickly spilled to the floor, where Taylor rammed RUSH into the barricade. Taylor connected on two right hands to the jaw and tossed RUSH into the barricade a second time. Taylor hit a draping DDT off the apron to the floor. Later, it was RUSH who took the fight to Taylor outside the ring. The champion rammed Taylor into the barricade and slammed the barricade door on Taylor’s head three times. RUSH then whipped Taylor with a chord and choked him with it.

Back inside the ring, Taylor turned RUSH inside out with a clothesline for a near fall, and then hit a sit-out spinebuster for another two count. RUSH hit a German suplex followed by a knee strike for a near fall. RUSH connected on a double stomp off the middle rope for another near fall. The two powerhouses engaged in a slugfest. Taylor hit a package piledriver but RUSH remarkably kicked out at one. Taylor charged RUSH, but RUSH used Taylor’s momentum for an overhead throw into the corner. RUSH charged across the ring and inadvertently knocked down the referee.

Bestia del Ring came to ringside carrying a steel chair, which he gave to RUSH. King, who had made it clear on commentary that he was rooting for his La Faccion Ingobernable stablemate RUSH even though he cared for Taylor like a brother, hit the ring. King took the chair away from RUSH and appeared to be angry with him. King then nailed Taylor with the chair. RUSH hit a Superman Punch and followed with Bull’s Horns to retain his title at 18:14.

RUSH, King and Bestia celebrated after the match.


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