ROH TV Recap: Rok-C Stuns Sumie Sakai In Women's Title Tournament First Round; Nicole Savoy, Miranda Alize Advance

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #515
Airdate: Weekend of July 31, 2021

Sit-down interviews with Miranda Alize and Alex Gracia

ROH Women’s World Title Tournament First-Round Match
Miranda Alize vs. Alex Gracia
(20-minute time limit)

Gracia connected on a dropkick that knocked Alize out of the ring. Gracia attempted a springboard crossbody off the middle rope, but Alize moved out of the way and Gracia landed hard on the floor. Alize rammed Gracia into the barricade twice.

Back inside the ring, Gracia hit a lungblower. Gracia knocked down Alize with a Thesz Press and started slugging away. Alize answered with a kick to the face and a cutter. Alize finished off Gracia with Drive By at the 8:43 mark.

Sit-down interviews with Mazzerati and Nicole Savoy

ROH Women’s World Title Tournament First-Round Match
Mazzerati vs. Nicole Savoy
(20-minute time limit)

Savoy went to work on Mazzerati’s left arm. Savoy hit an overhead slam for a two count. Mazzerati connected with a running knee to the face in the corner. She attempted a second running knee, but Savoy caught her and hit a butterfly suplex for a near fall.

Mazzerati answered with a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Mazzerati stunned Savoy with a punch to the face and hit a basement DDT for a two count. Savoy hit an F-5 for a near fall. Savoy followed with a half Dragon Suplex into a bridge for the win in 8:45.

Savoy and Alize will meet in the quarterfinals.

Sit-down interviews with Sumie Sakai and Rok-C

ROH Women’s World Title Tournament First-Round Match
Rok-C vs. Sumie Sakai
(20-minute time limit)

The 19-year-old Rok-C got a two count after hitting a standing moonsault with her knees landing on Sakai’s midsection. Rok-C nailed the former world champion in the face with both knees in the corner for a near fall. Sakai applied a half crab, but Rok-C got to the ropes. Sakai connected on a knee to the chin for a near fall. Sakai put Rok-C in the Lion Tamer, but Rok-C again made it to the ropes. Rok-C hit a Thesz Press off the middle rope and followed with a Russian Leg Sweep for a near fall. Sakai answered with a Saito suplex.

With Sakai perched on the top rope, Rok-C landed two spinning heel kicks to the head. Rok-C hit a hurricanrana off the top rope into a pinning combination, but Sakai rolled through for a two count. Sakai hit a Fisherman Buster suplex for a near fall. Rok-C attempted a spinning heel kick, but Sakai caught her. Rok-C rolled through and held Sakai down for the three count in 9:36.

With the upset victory, Rok-C advances to the quarterfinals, where she will meet the winner of the Mandy Leon-Quinn McKay match.


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