ROH TV Recap: Pure Champion Josh Woods Turns Back Challenge From Dak Draper In Top Prospect Special Episode

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #535
Airdate: Weekend of Dec.18, 2021

Adrian Soriano (w/Gabriel Hodder and Matthew Omen of Primal Fear) vs. Rayo vs. Eric Martin (w/Will Ferrara) vs. Joe Keys

After a frenetic start to the match in which all four competitors were hitting high-impact moves, Soriano hit a neckbreaker on Keys for a two count. Rayo hit a butterfly backbreaker on Soriano for a two count. Keys turned a double chicken wing on Rayo into a facebuster while simultaneously DDT’ing Martin. Before Keys could follow up, Soriano tossed him out of the ring and covered Martin for two, and then Rayo for two.

Rayo connected on a spinning kick to Soriano. Hodder and Omen pulled Soriano out of the ring. Rayo got on the apron and kicked Omen and then hit a hurricanrana on Hodder. Rayo hit a springboard DDT on Martin and followed with an elbow drop off the top rope onto him for the victory.

Dante Caballero vs. Matt Makowski (w/Rocco)

Rocco introduced Makowski as his new client before the match.

Makowski hit a keylock suplex and transitioned into a rear naked choke. Caballero escaped by shifting his weight and rolling over top of Makowski. Makowski began targeting Caballero’s left arm and shoulder. Caballero hit a Falcon Arrow for a two count and a spinebuster for a near fall.

Makowski connected on an enziguri off the middle rope for a near fall and hit a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Caballero hit a running knee strike, but Rocco jumped up on the apron to distract him. Makowski took advantage by landing a kick to Caballero’s head. Makowski followed with a torture rack into a cross armbreaker, and Caballero tapped out.

ROH Pure Title Match: Champion Josh Woods vs. Dak Draper

This match between the past two Top Prospect Tournament winners (Woods won it in 2017, Draper in 2019) was originally scheduled to be a non-title bout, but Dalton Castle entered the ring and said that Woods should put his title on the line. Woods said there are rankings for a reason and Draper would have to earn his shot just like everyone else. Castle told Draper to leave and Woods can win by forfeit and “be boring.” Castle said Silas Young was right when he said Woods was ruining ROH. Woods changed his mind and agreed to make it a title match.

Draper went for a leap frog but Woods caught him. Draper reached the ropes with his feet, using the first of his three allotted rope breaks. Draper punched Woods in the face and received a warning from the referee. Draper hit a deadlift suplex from the apron for a two count. Woods locked on an armbar, and Draper used his second rope break.

After they exchanged gutwrench suplexes, Draper hit a powerslam for a near fall. Draper went for a springboard move off the top rope, but Woods nailed him with a knee strike in mid-air. Woods hit a running knee strike and went for a cover, but Draper used his final rope break. Woods applied an armbar submission, but Draper rolled over and hit a deadlift powerbomb for a near fall. Woods answered with the Gorilla Slam for the win.


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