ROH TV Recap: Mark Haskins Beats Jay Lethal In Never-Before-Seen Match From 18th Anniversary Weekend To Highlight Special Episode

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #485
Airdate: Weekend of Jan. 2, 2021

Host Quinn McKay welcomed viewers to the show and wished everyone a Happy New Year. She explained that this was a special episode highlighting ROH during the pandemic and featuring two never-before-seen matches.

Matt Taven shares his experience from 18th Anniversary weekend

Flip Gordon shares his experience from 18th Anniversary weekend

Gordon said when he got to the arena in Las Vegas and was informed that the shows were cancelled but some empty arena matches would be filmed, he volunteered to wrestle. He faced Bandido that day, and said Bandido always brings out the best in him. Afterwards, Gordon said he spent the next couple days sight-seeing in Las Vegas while wearing his gas mask. He said he doesn’t care when ROH has shows in front of fans again; all he cares about is getting his rightful opportunity at the ROH World Championship.

Flip Gordon vs. Bandido

It was a stalemate early, but then the action spilled outside the ring. Gordon rammed Bandido into the barricade and slammed him on the floor. After they got back inside the ring, Bandido connected on a superkick for a near fall. Gordon answered with a Pele kick and spinning heel kick for a near fall. Bandido rallied and hit a GTS for a near fall. Gordon came back with a springboard spear and finished off Bandido with Flip-5.

Cheeseburger, Beer City Bruiser, Session Moth Martina share their experiences from 18th Anniversary weekend

Mark Haskins (w/Vicky Haskins) vs. Jay Lethal

Haskins went to work on Lethal’s left arm to gain an early advantage. After the action spilled to the floor, Lethal hit a handstand cutter off the apron. Back inside the ring, Lethal hit Lethal Combination for a near fall. Lethal connected on a pump kick and enziguri and then went to the top rope to attempt Hail to the King. When Lethal landed, Haskins caught him in a crossface and then transitioned into Rings of Saturn. Lethal made it to the ropes to force a break.

Haskins hit a knee strike for a two count. Lethal went for Lethal Injection, but Haskins ducked it and locked on the Sharpshooter. Haskins trapped Lethal’s arm while maintaining the hold, and Lethal tapped out. Haskins’ submission victory over the two-time former ROH World Champion is one of the biggest wins of his career.

Amy Rose, Mark Briscoe and Slex shares their experiences from 18th Anniversary weekend

Rose said she and some other members of the roster made the most of an unfortunate situation by going out on the town together in Las Vegas. Briscoe said he takes his wife out to the Anniversary shows every year as a birthday present. He said when he got there, his brother Jay called him from the airport in Baltimore and said the shows were cancelled. Mark said he and his wife flew back to Delaware the following morning because they have five kids (six now) at home and didn’t want to get stuck in Las Vegas for an extended period.

Slex said after he landed and learned the shows were cancelled, he flew 15 hours back to Australia. He praised ROH for the way the company has treated him and the rest of the talent during the pandemic. 

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