ROH TV Recap: Lethal, Gresham On Opposite Sides In Spectacular Six-Man Tag Match

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #491
Airdate: Weekend of Feb. 13, 2021

Jay Lethal proposes tonight’s six-man tag match


Tony Deppen sit-down interview


LSG sit-down interview


Tony Deppen vs. LSG
(20-minute time limit)

Deppen hit a springboard dropkick that knocked LSG off the apron. After Deppen followed LSG to the floor, LSG hit a neckbreaker and whipped Deppen into the barricade. Back inside the ring, Deppen hit a crossbody off the top rope, followed by a basement dropkick and running double knee strike into the corner for a near fall.

After an exchange of hard open hands to the face, LSG hit a swing-out, face-first slam and then a springboard forearm for a near fall. Deppen answered with a brainbuster and running knee for a near fall. Deppen scored successive near falls on an O’Connor roll, small package and backslide. LSG caught Deppen in a hangman neckbreaker and turned it into a sit-out powerbomb for the victory at 11:57.

The Briscoes talk it out


ROH World Champion RUSH defends the title against Shane Taylor in two weeks


The Foundation (Jonathan Gresham & Tracy Williams) & Fred Yehi vs. The Foundation (Jay Lethal & Rhett Titus) & Wheeler Yuta
(20-minute time limit)

After an early stalemate involving all six competitors, Lethal hip-tossed his ROH World Tag Team Title partner Gresham and followed with a cartwheel dropkick to gain the advantage. Lethal, Titus and Yuta isolated Gresham and targeted his left arm. Lethal inadvertently aided Gresham in a combination cutter on Titus. Williams hit a t-bone suplex on Yuta for a two count. Yuta answered with a German suplex on Williams for a near fall.

Lethal hit Hail to the King on Williams for a two count, and then transitioned into a figure-four leglock attempt, but Williams countered with a small package for a near fall. Titus hit  a belly-to-belly suplex on Gresham for a two count. Yuta hit an Angle Slam on Yehi for a near fall. Yuta planted Yehi with a flying DDT off the top rope, but Williams broke up the pin. Yuta applied the Koji Clutch to Titus, but Lethal pushed Gresham into Yuta to force him to break the hold. Lethal hit Lethal Injection on Gresham. Titus nailed Yehi with a dropkick for the win at 17:47.


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-- Jay and Mark Briscoe vs. Dragon Lee and Kenny King