ROH TV Recap: La Faccion Ingobernable Topples The Foundation In Chaotic Eight-Man Tag Match

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #496
Airdate: Weekend of March 20, 2021

Eli Isom sit-down interview

Rey Horus sit-down interview

Eli Isom vs. Rey Horus
(20-minute time limit)

This was Isom’s first match in ROH in more than a year. He charged at Horus in the corner, but Horus used Isom’s momentum to hoist him over the top rope. Horus landed a majestic flip dive onto Isom on the floor and then rammed him into the barricade. Back inside the ring, Isom hit an overhead suplex. Horus answered with Spanish Fly for a near fall. Horus landed an overhead throw into the corner for another two count. Horus went for a tilt-a-whirl DDT, but Isom blocked it and transitioned into The Promise (brainbuster) for the victory in 8:01.

It was an impressive return for Isom, who defeated a man who beat former ROH World Champion Dalton Castle in December and nearly won the ROH World Television Title from Dragon Lee in January.

“Restore Violence” video

EC3, Jay Briscoe comment on their match at 19th Anniversary

La Faccion Ingobernable’s pre-match comments

The Foundation’s pre-match comments

La Facción Ingobernable (RUSH, Dragon Lee, Kenny King & Bestia del Ring) vs. The Foundation (Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham, Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus)

The top two factions in ROH squared off a week prior to the 19th Anniversary pay-per-view on March 26, where ROH World Champion RUSH defends against Lethal, World Television Champion Lee defends against Williams, and ROH World Tag Team Champions Lee and King defend against Williams and Titus.

Early in the match, RUSH sucker-punched Lethal and went on the attack. Lethal fired back and hit an enziguri that knocked RUSH through the ropes and onto the apron. Lethal followed with a springboard dropkick that sent RUSH to the floor. Lethal hit a dive on RUSH. Later, Titus out-wrestled his former tag partner King and hit a high crossbody off the top rope for a to count. The match suddenly degenerated into a brawl between all eight competitors on the floor. The referee allowed a tremendous amount of latitude rather than disqualifying both teams.

LFI got the better of the fight and began isolating Foundation members. First it was four-on-one against Lethal, then Williams and then Titus. When it was Gresham’s turn to be brutalized, he gained a burst of energy and tagged Titus, who came in with a head of steam. Bestia went for a sunset flip from the apron, but Titus caught him and hit an overhead suplex into a bridge for a near fall. Williams hit a piledriver on Bestia, but Lee made the save. King dropped Williams throat-first on the top rope. Bestia followed with a package tombstone piledriver on Williams for the win at 18:50.