ROH TV Recap: Jay And Mark Briscoe Wage War On The Farm; Jonathan Gresham Retains Pure Title Against Fred Yehi

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #511
Airdate: Weekend of July 3, 2021

Post-match interview with Bandido after winning Survival of the Fittest last week

Sit-down interviews with Fred Yehi and Jonathan Gresham

ROH Pure Title Match: Champion Jonathan Gresham vs. Fred Yehi
(60-minute time limit)

Mike Bennett, who will face the winner of this match for the championship at the Best in the World pay-per-view on July 11, sat in on commentary. This match was a stalemate throughout, as Gresham and Yehi put on a Pure wrestling clinic. There were rapid-fire holds, counters and pinning combinations, but neither man could sustain the advantage.

Tempers began to flare, as both men rubbed their forearms in the other’s face. After getting Gresham down on the mat, Yehi twice tried to stomp on him, but Gresham rolled out of the way. Gresham took Yehi down with an armdrag and rolled though into a crucifix for the win in 12:16.

Post-match interview with Jonathan Gresham

Quinn McKay interviewed Gresham, who touted the fact that he’s 10-0 in Pure Rules matches. He said he proved to Fred Yehi that he’s the better man. When McKay asked for his thoughts on Mike Bennett, Gresham said Bennett isn’t honorable and hasn’t earned the right to call himself pure. He said he doesn’t respect Bennett, and Bennett’s rise in the Pure division will end at Best in the World.

Fight on the Farm Preview

Fight on the Farm: Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe

The brother versus brother match was ordered by Papa Briscoe, who wants his sons to fight out their problems so that they can get back on the same page and resume their tag team. With Papa Briscoe overseeing things, the fight started in the ring inside a warehouse on the family farm. Mark gained the upper hand and set up for a moonsault, but Jay knocked him off the top rope and Mark flipped through the air and crashed through a table set up outside the ring. Jay dragged Mark out of the warehouse and the fight continued outside.

Jay remained on the offensive until Mark stopped him with a low blow. Mark suplexed Jay through a wooden board that was lodged between a pickup truck and a stock tank. Mark climbed on the roof of an RV and prepared to jump off onto Jay, but Jay got up and joined Mark on the roof. After they exchanged punches, Jay threw Mark off the roof onto a tarp below. Jay tossed Mark into the back of the pickup truck and drove to another part of the farm.

When Jay exited the truck, Mark was no longer in the back. Mark appeared out of nowhere and knocked down Jay. Mark then grabbed a noose, put it around Jay’s neck and began choking him. Mark set up a table and placed Jay on it. Mark climbed on the roof of a building and dove off onto Jay. With both men down, Papa Briscoe helped them back to the warehouse and into the ring where the match began.

Jay and Mark exchanged a flurry of hard punches and forearms. After one final clothesline from Mark, both men were spent. Papa Briscoe asked them if they were good yet, and they both replied that they were. Papa Briscoe said it’s now time to get back to business and being the baddest tag team on the planet. 

“But first,” the Briscoe patriarch said, “clean this sh*t up.”

To watch the Fight on the Farm in its entirety, click here.


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