ROH TV Recap: Flip Gordon Leads All-Stars Over Champions; Max The Impaler Prevails In Monster Mash

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #517
Airdate: Weekend of Aug. 14, 2021

Pre-match comments from Holidead and Amy Rose

ROH Women’s World Title Tournament First-Round Match: Holidead vs. Max The Impaler (w/Amy Rose)
(20-minute time limit)

The two monsters each tried to assert their dominance at the start. Max slammed Holidead. Holidead tried to return the favor but couldn’t pick Max up, so Max slammed her again. Holidead stunned Max with a headbutt and then was able to pull off a slam. Max overpowered Holidead and began targeting her back. Max rocked Holidead with a series of clotheslines in the corner. Holidead landed a DDT but just got a one count.

Max speared Holidead, but Holidead answered with a German Suplex. Max rolled out of the ring and Holidead hit a suicide dive. Back inside the ring, Holidead hit a spinebuster. Holidead missed a leg drop off the top rope. Max landed a backbreaker and finished off Holidead with Wasteland at the 9:18 mark.

Max will face Angelina Love in the quarterfinals. 

Matt Taven prepares for the Last Stand

Champions (ROH World Champion Bandido, World Television Champion Dragon Lee, Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham & World Tag Team Champions Chris Dickinson and Homicide) vs. All-Stars (Jay and Mark Briscoe, EC3, Flip Gordon & Josh Woods)

EC3 gained the advantage over Lee but Gordon blind-tagged himself in. Gordon hit a standing moonsault on Lee for a two count. Homicide tagged in and spit at the Briscoes. Homicide and the Briscoes have history as rivals that goes back to the early years of ROH. Homicide and Dickinson engaged in a slugfest with the Briscoes. Later, EC3 inadvertently speared Gordon and didn’t seem at all upset about it. Bandido, who will defend the ROH World Title against Gordon at Glory By Honor Night 1 this Friday in Philadelphia (streaming live for HonorClub), hit a corkscrew crossbody off the top onto Gordon, whose teammates broke up the pin.

All 10 competitors began brawling inside and outside the ring. Bandido and Lee worked together against Gordon and Woods. Everybody started hitting high-impact moves in rapid succession. Homicide hit an overhead suplex on Gordon for a near fall and a belly to belly suplex on Gordon for another near fall. Gordon answered with a superkick and Flip-5 for a near fall. Gordon planted Homicide with a piledriver to win the match for his team in 13:29.


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