ROH TV Recap: EC3 Edges Eli Isom; Sledge Overcomes PCO In Falls Count Anywhere Match

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #534

Airdate: Weekend of Dec.11, 2021

Pre-match comments from Sledge 

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Sledge vs. PCO

The big men started slugging it out right from the opening bell. The action quickly spilled to the floor, and both of them used trash cans, ladders and chairs as weapons. Inside the ring, PCO executed a rope-walk hurricanrana and followed with a frog slash for a near fall. PCO attempted a moonsault but Sledge got his knees up and scored a two count. 

PCO put Sledge on a table outside the ring, and then hit a senton off the top rope that put Sledge through the table for a near fall. Sledge sat PCO on the barricade and hit a running clothesline. The move took its toll on both men. PCO covered Sledge for a two count, and then Sledge did the same to PCO. The fight continued on the stage. Sledge hit a DDT, but PCO popped right up. Sledge hit a DDT off the stage and through a table, and then covered PCO for the win. 

The victory over the former ROH World Champion is the biggest of Sledge’s career.

Miranda Alize vs. Chelsea Green

Green was one step ahead of Alize in the early going, but “The Lucha Baddie” eventually gained the advantage. Alize rammed Green into the barricade two times. Back inside the ring, Alize hit a basement hurricanrana for a two count. Green answered with a Codebreaker and basement dropkick for a near fall. Green landed a missile dropkick for another near fall.

Green applied a single-leg crab submission. The Allure (Angelina Love and Mandy Leon), who had been on commentary, came down to ringside to distract Green, who released the hold to yell at them to leave. Alize took advantage of the distraction and hit a cutter. She followed with the Drive-By for the win.

Pre-match comments from EC3

EC3 vs. Eli Isom

Isom controlled the match early with his quickness and agility before EC3 took over with his hard-hitting offense. EC3 suplexed Isom on the floor. Back inside the ring, EC3 hit two gut-wrench power bombs. Isom answered with a spinning sidewalk slam and a backslide for a near fall. Isom connected on a springboard dropkick from the apron and then hit a moonsault from the second rope onto EC3 on the floor. 

Isom was favoring his left knee, and EC3 began targeting it. EC3 hit an Angle Slam and went for a double underhook move, but Isom countered with a back-body drop and landed on top of EC3 for a near fall. EC3 chop-blocked Isom’s knee and followed with a double underhook facebuster. EC3 locked on The Purpose, and Isom tapped out.

After the match, EC3 got in Isom’s ear but the microphones could not pick up what he was saying.


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