ROH TV Recap: Dragon Lee Escapes With TV Title Against Eli Isom; Angelina Love, Trish Adora Advance To Women's Title Tournament Semifinals

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #519
Airdate: Weekend of Aug. 28, 2021

Sit-down interview with Angelina Love

ROH Women’s World Title Tournament Quarterfinal Match: Angelina Love vs. Max The Impaler (w/Amy Rose)
(20-minute time limit)

Before the bell, Rose asked Love if she’s sure she wants to do this. Love said she is. Rose said “I warned you” and then ordered Max to “get her!” Love left the ring but Max followed the seven-time former world champion and rammed her into the barricade. Love tried to crawl back into the ring, but Max grabbed her feet and pulled her off, sending her face-first to the floor. Love ducked a chop and Max connected with the ring post. Love shoved Max into the post.

Back inside the ring, Love unleashed a series of blows to the chest to no effect. Max head-butted Love’s left shoulder and then put her in the torture rack. Max launched Love across the ring, and Love landed throat-first on the top rope. Love rolled to the floor. Max followed and rammed Love shoulder-first into the post.

Max snatched Love by the head and pulled her up onto the apron. Max applied a sleeper hold while Love was still on the apron. Max ignored the referee’s order to release the hold, so he called for the bell and awarded the match to Love by disqualification in 5:53. Rose finally signaled for Max to release the hold. Max did so, and Love fell to the floor on her left shoulder.

Love advances to the semifinals against Rok-C on next weekend’s episode.

Pre-match comments from Allysin Kay and Trish Adora

ROH Women’s World Title Tournament Quarterfinal Match: Allysin Kay vs. Trish Adora
(20-minute time limit)

After an early mat wrestling stalemate, Kay applied a cross armbreaker, but Adora rolled over into a pinning combination for a two count. Kay picked up Adora in a fireman’s carry and dumped her to the floor. Kay connected on a hard kick to the chest from the apron. Back inside the ring, Kay landed three more kicks to the chest and covered Adora for a two count.

Kay charged into the corner, but Adora moved. Adora fired up and hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count and a DDT for another two count. Kay hit a German suplex and then attempted another one, but Adora dropped down and kicked Kay’s arm. Kay applied a rear naked choke, but Adora got to the ropes. Kay landed a roundhouse kick to the back of Adora’s head for a near fall. Kay went for a powerbomb, but Adora slipped free and hit Lariat Tubman for the win in 13:50.

Adora advances to the semifinals against Miranda Alize on next weekend’s episode.

Pre-match comments from Eli Isom and Dragon Lee

ROH World Television Title Match: Champion Dragon Lee vs. Eli Isom
(30-minute time limit)

Lee hit a hurricanrana that sent Isom out of the ring. Lee followed with a flip dive over the top rope onto Isom. The champion rammed Isom into the barricade and tossed him back into the ring. Isom arm-dragged Lee, who rolled outside the ring. Isom hit a flip dive of his own. Back inside the ring, Isom hit a crossbody off the top rope for a near fall. They exchanged big clotheslines. Isom hit a pop-up cutter for a near fall.

Lee went for the Incinerator, but Isom caught his knee. Isom missed an Enziguri, and Lee landed a basement dropkick to the back of Isom’s head for a near fall. Isom rallied and hit The Promise. Lee barely kicked out in time. Isom set up for the move again, but Lee escaped and nailed Isom with a knee to the face. After a second knee to the face, Lee hit a suplex into a sit-out slam for a near fall. Lee followed with the Incinerator to score a hard-fought victory in 12:25.

Lee adhered to the Code of Honor after the match and clearly was impressed by Isom’s performance.


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