ROH TV Recap: Dalton Castle Beats Dragon Lee To Win ROH World Television Title

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #531

Airdate: Weekend of Nov. 20, 2021

Pre-match comments from John Walters and Brian Johnson

Pure Rules Match: John Walters vs. Brian Johnson

Walters, who held the Pure Title for 189 days in 2004-2005, was looking to break into the Pure division rankings with a win, while Johnson was looking to retain his hold on the top spot in the rankings. Walters outwrestled Johnson in the early going and targeted his left arm. After Walters went to the top rope, Johnson knocked into him, and Walters landed split-legged on the turnbuckle. Johnson hit a draping cutter for a two count and then a suplex for another two count. Johnson hit a fist drop and received a warning from the referee for using a closed fist.

Walters grabbed Johnson’s weakened arm and hit a leg drop off the top rope onto it. Walters trapped Johnson’s arm and hit a bridging suplex for a near fall. Walters applied an armbar submission, and Johnson used the first of his three allotted rope breaks. Johnson used his second and third rope breaks while caught in sharpshooters. Out of desperation, Johnson poked Walters in the eyes behind the referee’s back. Johnson kicked the blinded Walters in the knee, and Walters fell face first onto the knee of Johnson, whose knee pad had been lowered earlier by Walters. Johnson followed with The Process for the win.

Triple Threat Contenders Match: Allysin Kay (w/Marti Belle) vs. Mandy Leon (w/Angelina Love) vs. Trish Adora

The winner of this match will face Willow on Ring of Honor Wrestling the weekend of Dec. 4 for the right to challenge for the ROH Women’s World Championship at Final Battle: End of an Era on Dec. 11.

After the opening bell, Leon immediately left the ring, content to let Kay and Adora fight each other. Adora hit a side suplex into a bridge, but Leon jumped into the ring and broke up the pin. Adora trapped Leon in an ankle lock, and Kay simultaneously applied a butterfly Kimura lock on Leon. Adora and Kay began chopping each other, and they both released Leon.

Kay set up for a superplex on Adora, but Leon got underneath Kay and took them both down. Leon covered each of them twice but could not keep them down for a three count. Leon suplexed Adora onto Kay and then threw Adora to the floor. Kay set up for a powerbomb on Leon, but while the referee was checking on Adora, Love entered the ring and nailed Kay in the back. Belle jumped up on the apron, but Leon knocked her off. Leon hit Astral Projection on Kay for the victory.

Pre-match comments from Dalton Castle

ROH World Television Title Match: Champion Dragon Lee vs. Dalton Castle

After hitting a dive onto Castle on the floor, Lee tossed him back in the ring and hit Falcon Arrow for a two count. The action spilled outside the ring, and Castle tossed Lee over the barricade and then into the barricade. Back inside the ring, Lee hit Dragon with Dragon’s Breath for a near fall. Castle answered with an inside-out clothesline for a near fall. 

Outside the ring, Lee ducked a clothesline and Castle went flying over the barricade. Lee set up for a dive, but Castle’s Baby Chickens stood in the way, so Lee took them out with a flip dive. Back inside the ring, Lee lowered his knee pad and went for Incinerator, but Castle cut him off with a clothesline. Castle hit Bang-a-Rang but was too weak to make the cover. 

Lee’s fellow La Faccion Ingobernable members Kenny King and Bestia del Ring came down to ringside to distract the referee. Shane Taylor Promotions (Taylor, Soldiers of Savagery and O’Shay Edwards) came out to prevent King and Bestia from interfering. 

Castle went for Bang-a-Rang again, but Lee countered into a pinning combination. The referee was trying to restore order outside the ring and did not see the pin. Lee hit a running knee to the face. With the referee still distracted, Dak Draper, who had been sitting in on commentary, jumped on the apron and pushed Lee into Castle, who snatched him and hit Bang-a-Rang for the victory.

Castle’s win ended Lee’s 133-day reign (his second) as champion.


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