ROH TV Recap: Dak Draper Prevails In Triple Threat Over Eli Isom, Dalton Castle

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #514
Airdate: Weekend of July 24, 2021

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Post-match comments from The Allure

Pre-match comments from Flip Gordon and World Famous CB

Flip Gordon vs. World Famous CB
(20-minute time limit)

CB gained the early advantage by targeting Gordon’s arm and shoulder. Gordon took the action outside the ring, where he hit a German Suplex. Back inside the ring, Gordon charged CB in the corner, but CB moved and Gordon hit hard shoulder first. CB hit a single-arm bulldog and landed a superkick for a two count. CB applied a Kimura lock, but Gordon was able to lift CB and ram him into the corner to break the hold. Gordon hit Kinder Surprise and followed with a fireman’s carry into a backflip slam. Gordon applied Submit to Flip for the win.

Bouncers and Ken Dixon interrupt the announce team

Post-match comments from Flip Gordon

Gordon said he only has one thing to say, and it’s that he has nothing to say until he gets his ROH World Title shot. He faces world champion Bandido for the title at Glory By Honor Night 1 in Philadelphia on Aug. 20.
Pre-match comments from Sledge and PCO

Sledge vs. PCO
(20-minute time limit)

PCO’s tag partner, Danhausen, sat in on commentary. The two powerhouses engaged in a slugest right from the opening bell. Sledge hit a running boot to the face in the corner for a two count. PCO hit a powerslam followed by a basement dropkick for a near fall. Sledge answered with an overhead suplex. PCO grabbed Sledge by the throat and dumped him over the top rope. PCO hit a cannonball through the ropes and followed with a brutal senton off the top rope onto Sledge, who was lying on the apron.

PCO began to malfunction, so he took a seat on the barricade. Sledge superkicked him off the barricade. They started slugging it out again. Both men shoved the referee, who disqualified them. Security came out to separate them.

Post-match comments from Sledge

Pre-match comments from Dak Draper, Eli Isom, Dalton Castle

Dak Draper vs. Eli Isom vs. Dalton Castle
(20-minute time limit)

Isom hit a soaring flip dive on Draper to set the tone. Later, Draper ran Castle into the ring post. Isom hit a release Northern Lights Suplex on Draper. He then hit a straitjacket suplex on Castle for a two count. After the action spilled outside the ring, Draper kicked Isom in the face and rolled him into the ring. Draper made a cover, but Castle pulled him out of the ring. Draper tossed Castle over the barricade.

Isom hit a spinning suplex on Draper for a near fall. Isom then connected on a moonsault off the middle rope onto Draper on the floor. While the referee was looking elsewhere, Castle threw a chair that hit Isom in the face. Castle tossed Isom into the ring and yelled at Draper to do something, saying, “This is our moment!” Draper hit Magnum KO on Isom for the win. As Draper executed the move, Castle’s Boys were on the apron emulating Draper.

After the match, Draper considered giving a participation ribbon to the fallen Isom, but he tossed it aside and shook Isom’s hand.


ROH Women’s World Title Tournament begins!

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-- Mazzerati vs. Nicole Savoy

-- Miranda Alize vs. Alex Gracia