ROH TV Recap: Brody King Prevails In All-Star Four Corner Survival Match

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #523
Airdate: Weekend of Sept. 25, 2021

Pre-match comments from Brian Johnson and PJ Black

Pure Rules Match: Brian Johnson vs. PJ Black
(15-minute time limit)

Black was one step ahead of his protege for the majority of the match. The veteran applied a hammerlock, forcing Johnson to use the first of his three allotted rope breaks. Black nailed Johnson with an elbow off the top rope and then did it again from the opposite corner for a near fall. Black hit a crossbody off the top rope for another near fall. Johnson momentarily halted Black’s momentum after he moved out of the way of a springboard moonsault, but Black quickly regained the advantage.

Black put Johnson in a pendulum and forced Johnson to use his second rope break. A double clothesline put both men down. After they exchanged hard chops to the chest and forearms to the face, Black connected on a springboard moonsault, and Johnson used his third and final rope break. Johnson shoved Black into the referee. While the referee had his back turned, Johnson poked Black in the eyes. Johnson punched Black in the face and then hit The Process for the win in 10:58.

After the match, Black told Johnson that he cheated to win, but he taught Johnson some of those tactics and he applied them. Black said Johnson will do great things in the Pure division, but he’ll be there if Johnson ever needs him. Black extended his hand and Johnson shook it.

Backstage comments from Eli Isom and Ryan Mooney

Pre-match comments from main event competitors

Four Corner Survival Match: Kenny King vs. Shane Taylor vs. Brody King vs. Jay Lethal
(20-minute time limit)

Brody King landed a series of heavy blows on Kenny King and hit a senton on him for a two count. Later, Kenny King knocked Taylor off the apron with a roundhouse kick and then hit a blockbuster on Brody King. Kenny King landed a tornillo on Taylor and then kicked Lethal off the apron. Kenny King hit the ropes, but Taylor grabbed his foot from outside the ring. That momentary distraction allowed Brody King to nail Kenny King with a lariat.

Taylor tagged himself in, and he and Brody King began exchanging blows. Taylor rocked Brody King with a big right hand to the jaw that knocked him out of the ring. Lethal hit a suicide dive on Brody King. Taylor hit a draping cutter on Kenny King. Lethal attempted Lethal Injection on Taylor, but Taylor blocked it. Taylor stunned Lethal with a head butt and followed with a package piledriver. In an impressive show of strength, Kenny King hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Taylor. Brody King hit a German suplex on Kenny King and then nailed Taylor with a lariat for the victory.


-- Violence Unlimited (Brody King, Tony Deppen, Chris Dickinson & Homicide) Eight-Man Tag Match Open Challenge

-- The Briscoes vs. Alex Zayne & Rust Taylor