ROH TV Recap: Briscoes Lead Team Woods Over Team Mecca In Christmas Surprise 12-Man Tag; Rok-C Retains ROH Women’s World Title

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #536

Airdate: Weekend of Dec. 25, 2021

Pre-match comments from Holidead and Rok-C

ROH Women’s World Title Match: Champion Rok-C vs. Holidead

Rok-C hit a hurricanrana that sent Holidead out of the ring. Rok-C dove through the ropes but Holidead caught her and rammed her back-first into the ring post. Later, Rok-C hit a Thesz Press of the middle rope and unleashed a flurry of punches while on top of Holidead. Rok-C hit a Russian leg sweep followed by Rok Knees for a near fall. 

Holidead answered with a swinging flatliner for a near fall. Rok-C hit a lung-blower followed by a running knee for a near fall. Holidead planted Rok-C with a spinebuster for another near fall. The resilient Rok-C hit Code Red for the victory.

Rok-C, who won a tournament final to become the inaugural ROH Women’s World Champion in September, ends this era of ROH with her title reign intact.

Dalton Castle’s Classy Christmas Spectacular

Christmas Surprise 12-Man Tag Match: Team Josh Woods (Woods, Silas Young, Matt Taven, Bandido, Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe) vs. Team Brian Johnson (Johnson, Rhett Titus, Kenny King, Rey Horus, Homicide and Flip Gordon)

The teams were selected by team captains Woods and Johnson drawing names out of Christmas presents. The winning team will receive a hefty Christmas bonus.

Early in the match, Foundation members Woods and Titus exchanged holds, and best friends Bandido and Horus had a high-flying exchange. In a shocker, The All Night Express (Titus and King) reunited and engaged in a slugfest with former rivals Jay and Mark Briscoe. Mark Briscoe hit a blockbuster off the apron on Titus. King did a corkscrew dive over the top rope onto Mark Briscoe. Horus took out Young with a flip dive over the top. Bandido hit a moonsault off the top rope onto a group of wrestlers on the floor. Gordon did a flip dive off the stage onto everyone.

Back inside the ring, Homicide hit a cutter on Young, but Taven made the save. Taven connected on Just the Tip on Homicide for a two count. Horus planted Bandido with an around-the-world DDT. Woods hit a Gorilla Slam on Horus. Titus hit a running belly-to-belly suplex on Woods and followed with a dropkick that sent Woods to the floor. Jay Briscoe hit Jay Driller on Titus. King hit a Tiger Driver on Jay Briscoe, but Mark Briscoe made the save. Mark Briscoe hit Froggy Bow on King, but King rolled to the floor to avoid being pinned. Briscoe hit a cut-throat driver on Johnson, and the Briscoes followed with the Doomsday Device on Johnson to win it.
After the match, which was the final one of this era of ROH TV, everyone (except for Johnson) exchanged hugs. The Briscoes, who have been in ROH since Day One, were hoisted by the group in a show of respect.