ROH TV Recap: Brian Johnson Steals Pure Gauntlet; Mike Bennett Bests Rhett Titus By Split Decision In Pure Match

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #522
Airdate: Weekend of Sept. 18, 2021

Pure Wrestling Gauntlet Match

World Famous CB vs. Eric Martin

CB maneuvered Martin into positions that caused the ROH Dojo member to use all three of his allotted rope breaks in the first 80 seconds of the match. CB applied a chinlock, planted his knees in Martin’s backs and bent him backwards. Martin was unable to escape, and he tapped at the 3:14 mark.

World Famous CB vs. Delirious

This matchup pitted CB against his trainer. CB went for the Shotei, but Delirious blocked it and rolled CB into a seated Cobra Clutch. Delirious maintained the hold as he stood up and hit a Dragon Suplex. Delirious landed a forearm to the face for a near fall. CB caught Delirious in an inside cradle for a two count and a backslide for another two count. Delirious hit a Cobra Clutch backbreaker and transitioned into a triangle choke. As CB struggled to escape, Delirious wrenched his arm, putting it at a sick-looking angle, and CB tapped out in 5:32.

Delirious vs LSG

Delirious applied the Cobra Clutch, but LSG used his first rope break. LSG hit a springboard forearm for a near fall. Delirious answered with a grapevine brain buster for a near fall. LSG applied the Muta Lock and wrapped Delirious’ arm around his own neck. Delirious tapped in 5:21.

LSG vs. Joe Keys

Keys locked on a half crab but LSG used his second rope break. Keys hit three successive German suplexes, and LSG used his third rope break. Keys attempted a superplex off the middle rope, but LSG shifted his weight in mid-air and came down on top of Keys for the pinfall victory in 4:37.

LSG vs Brian Johnson

Johnson was the surprise final entrant. “The Mecca” kicked LSG in the midsection during the Code of Honor. LSG answered with Rocket Bye Baby and Saintsplosion, and Johnon used his first rope break. Johnson stood on the apron and nailed LSG with a punch to the face. Johnson then dove through the ropes on top of LSG and put his feet on the ropes for illegal leverage to steal the win in 1:05.

Pure Rules Match: Rhett Titus (w/Tracy Willkiams) vs. Mike Bennett
(15-minute time limit)

Titus’ strategy early in the match was to lure Bennett near the ropes in an attempt to force him to use his rope breaks. Bennett managed to avoid it the first two times, but when Titus applied a Boston Crab, Bennett used his first rope break. Bennett applied London Dungeon, but Titus slipped free and set up for a belly to belly; Bennett used his second rope break.

Bennett rocked Titus with a forearm to the face, and a dazed Titus used his first rope break. Bennett went to work on Titus’ left leg, which was wrapped. Titus hit a boot to the face, and Bennett used his third rope break. Titus hit a gutwrench suplex for a near fall. Titus went for the belly to belly again, but his leg gave out. Bennett dropkicked Titus’ leg. They exchanged clotheslines, and then simultaneous clotheslines put both men down as the time limit expired.

The judges awarded the match to Bennett by split decision.


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