ROH TV Recap: Bandido Survives Attack By Demonic Flamita To Win Fittest Final

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #510
Airdate: Weekend of June 26, 2021

Pre-match comments from The Righteous

The Righteous’ Dutch (w/Bateman & Vita Von Starr) vs. Matt Taven
(20-minute time limit)

As soon as Taven entered the ring he attacked Dutch, but Dutch pushed him away and overpowered him. Dutch clotheslined Taven over the top rope. VonStarr jumped on Taven’s back and choked him. ROH Board of Directors member Maria Kanellis-Bennett came out and told VonStarr she just lost her spot in the ROH Women’s World Title Tournament and ordered her to the back. Taven landed a spinning heel kick that knocked Dutch out of the ring. Taven hit a dive onto Dutch and followed with Flight of the Conqueror. 

Back inside the ring, Taven hit a frog splash but Dutch kicked out strong at one. Taven hit Climax. Vincent came out to the stage wearing Taven’s purple suit and no shoes. He mockingly clapped for Taven. Taven tried to get to Vincent, but he was cut off by Bateman. The referee disqualified Dutch.

Bateman and VonStarr attacked Taven. Mike Bennett came out and jumped on Bateman, while Dutch joined VonStarr in beating on Taven.Vincent taunted Taven and seemed to be enjoying the chaos, but he didn’t get physically involved.

Vincent addresses Taven

Jay Briscoe delivers a message to his brother

Pre-match comments from Survival of the Fittest competitors

Survival of the Fittest Six-Way Elimnination Final: Demonic Flamita vs. Brian Johnson vs. Eli Isom vs. Chris Dickinson vs. Bandido vs. Rhett Titus

The winner of this match faces ROH World Champion RUSH for the title in the main event at the Best in the World pay-per-view July 11 in Baltimore. Rivals Bandido and Flamita started the match and went after each other with a vengeance. While the other four competitors battled on the floor, Bandido hit a moonsault slam on Flamita off the top rope onto all of them. Back inside the ring, Flamita went for 619 on Johnson in the corner, but Johnson moved and Bandido rolled up Flamita and pinned him. Flamita is eliminated.

An irate Flamita attacked Bandido and powerbombed him through the table at ringside. Flamita placed a chair over Bandido’s left arm and repeatedly slammed it with another chair. Rey Horus came out to chase Flamita away and tend to Bandido, who was writhing in pain.

Johnson hit a draping cutter on Isom and followed with The Process, but Isom rolled out of the ring. Titus hit a belly to belly suplex on Johnson for a near fall. Johnson went for The Process on Titus, but Titus countered with a dropkick. Titus hit two running boots to Johnson’s face in the corner and followed with a knee drop off the top rope to pin Johnson. Johnson is eliminated.

Dickinson entered the ring and went to work on Titus’ knee. Dickinson applied a knee bar, and Titus tapped out. Titus is eliminated.

Bandido made it back into the ring. Dickinson immediately went after Bandido’s injured arm and shoulder. Dickinson applied a cross armbreaker, but Isom pulled Bandido out of the ring to save him. Dickinson locked in a rear naked choke on Isom, who was standing on the apron. Bandido connected on a pump-kick to the back of Dickinson’s head and followed with 21 Plex. Dickinson is eliminated.

The match came down to Bandido and Isom. Isom applied an armbar, but Bandido got his foot on the rope. Bandido attempted 21 Plex, but his bad arm gave out and he slipped off Isom’s back. Isom hit a modified Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Bandido jumped off the middle rope but Isom caught him and hit a backbreaker for a near fall. Isom set up for The Promise, but Bandido escaped and hit a crucifix driver into a headscissors/armbar combination. Isom tried to get his foot on the rope but he was too far away and had no choice but to tap out at the 23:51 mark. Isom is eliminated and Bandido is the winner.


-- Fight on the Farm: Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe

-- ROH Pure Title Match: Champion Jonathan Gresham vs. Fred Yehi