ROH TV Recap: Bandido, Josh Woods Retain Titles On Championship Edition

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #529

Airdate: Weekend of Nov. 6, 2021

Pre-match comments from LSG and Josh Woods

ROH Pure Title Match: Champion Josh Woods vs. LSG

Woods applied a cravat, and LSG used his first rope break. LSG caught Woods in a Muta Lock, and Woods used his first rope break. The action spilled to the floor, where Woods and LSG exchanged forearms to the head. LSG went for a tornado DDT off the barricade but Woods countered with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Back inside the ring, LSG hit a pop-up clothesline for a near fall. LSG hit Saintsplosion for another near fall. LSG then hit Rocket  Bye Baby and went for a springboard move, but Woods caught him in a cravat. Woods hit the Beast Slam and applied the Gorilla Lock, and LSG tapped.

Post-match interview with Josh Woods

Backstage, Quinn McKay asked Woods how he felt after making his first successful title defense. Woods simply said, ‘One and 0.”

Beer City Bruiser confronts Caprice Coleman

Bruiser, Brian Milonas and Ken Dixon interrupted commentators Coleman and Ian Riccaboni at the announce table. Bruiser once again complained about being “illegally” eliminated from the Honor Rumble by Coleman. Things got heated, and Bruiser and Coleman shoved each other. Both men agreed to settle it in the ring. The match will take place on next week’s show.

Pre-match comments from Bandido and Alex Zayne

ROH World Title Match: Champion Bandido vs. Alex Zayne

Bandido hit Code Red for a near fall. Zayne answered with a pendulum face-first slam for a two count. Zayne did a flip into a legdrop on Bandido’s neck for a near fall. In an amazing display of strength, the champion pressed Zayne above his head with one arm and transitioned into a Falcon Arrow. Bandido followed with a Shooting Star Press for a two count.

Perched on the middle rope, Bandido got Zayne in the Torture Rack and came off with another Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Zayne recovered and planted Bandido with a flipping face-first slam off the middle rope for a near fall. Bandido rallied and hit the GTS. He followed with the 21 Plex and a German Suplex to score a hard-fought victory. 


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