ROH TV Preview: OGK And The Bouncers Square Off In Tag Action; Jonathan Gresham Defends Pure Title

Here’s a preview of this weekend’s episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling:”

The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs. The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brawler Milonas)

Ever since Taven and Bennett reunited, they’ve been consumed by their war with The Righteous (Vincent, Bateman and Vita VonStarr, but this match marks a new beginning for The OGK.

ROH officials have banned bitter enemies Taven and Vincent from touching each other during ROH-sanctioned events because of the multiple rule violations, property damage and overall chaos that has resulted when they have been in the ring together. So now The OGK can focus on winning matches without having to worry about being attacked by The Righteous.

“Let’s not think about Vincent, The Righteous, all that other crap,” said Bennett, who was just medically cleared to compete after suffering an ankle injury at the hands of The Righteous at Final Battle in December. “I don’t want to think about it. I want to think about [The OGK].”

Taven and Bennett will be facing a longtime friend when they meet The Bouncers. Taven, Bennett and Milonas all came up on the New England independent wrestling scene.

However, friendships will be set aside when the two teams square off. Both OGK and The Bouncers have their sights set on the ROH World Tag Team Championship, and this match undoubtedly will have a significant impact on the rankings.

“Mike Bennett, you left [ROH] for five years, and in that five years, The Bouncers happened,” Bruiser said. “We became the physically most dominant tag team in Ring of Honor. It ain’t about friends. It’s about winning, winning, winning.”

Pure Title Match: Champion Jonathan Gresham vs. Joe Keys

It’ll be student vs. teacher when Keys challenges Gresham for the Pure Championship.

Keys earned the title shot when he won a four-man gauntlet match over fellow ROH Dojo students Dante Caballero, Ken Dixon and Eric Martin. The gauntlet match for a Pure Title shot was the idea of Dojo coaches Gresham and Will Ferrara.

Keys has the utmost respect for Gresham and appreciates this golden opportunity, but he fully intends to walk out of this match as the new Pure Champion. Keys wants to win the title not only for himself, but also as a tribute to his original coach, R.J. Meyer, who died of leukemia in November at 44.

“While you carry the burden of the entire locker room coming after your two titles, I carry that burden of knowing that my hero won’t be there to see his work pay off,” Keys said.

Gresham, who is also a co-holder of the ROH World Tag Team Title, takes extreme pride in the pure wrestler that Keys has become under his tutelage, but he wants his student to understand what he’ll be up against when they square off.

“This is not us sitting in the Dojo rolling around for training,” Gresham said. “During this match, I want you to be a hundred percent, I want you to bring your all. Because I’m bringing mine.”