ROH TV Preview: Bandido And Flamita Reconcile To Take On Jay Lethal And Jonathan Gresham

Here’s a preview of this weekend’s episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling:”

The Foundation’s Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham vs. MexiSquad’s Bandido & Flamita

When this match was signed it was supposed to be Rey Horus teaming with Bandido, but Horus is nursing an injury and is unable to compete, so Flamita is taking his place. Given the recent falling out between Bandido and Flamita, it’s surprising they’re teaming together again.

At the 19th Anniversary show two weeks ago, tempers flared between Bandido and Flamita after MexiSquad lost its rematch for the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Title, so Horus suggested they settle things in a triple threat match between the three of them later that night.

Bandido defeated Flamita to win the triple threat. Afterward, Flamita -- who had said during the match that “MexiSquad is dead!” -- slapped hands with Horus but pushed Bandido aside and left the ring.

There are no such issues with The Foundation. Even though Lethal and Gresham will wrestle each other for Gresham’s Pure Championship on the 500th episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” (premiering Thursday, April 15 at 8 p.m. Eastern on Best On The Planet), the two of them along with Tracy Williams and Rhett Titus remain a cohesive unit.

If Bandido and Flamita can get on the same page, this match has the potential to be an instant classic. Moreover, a win over former tag team champions Lethal and Gresham would put them in contention for the ROH World Tag Team Title held by Williams and Titus.

Pure Rules Match: Delirious vs. Rocky Romero

The connection between Delirious and Romero goes back to 2004 when they made their ROH debuts on the same show. They’ve battled each other several times over the years, but they haven’t squared off in a one-on-one match in ROH since 2007.

Delirious issued the challenge to Romero during the 19th Anniversary show while Romero was doing commentary. Apparently, the bizarre masked man has an old score to settle. He has a line of red paint on his mask over his left eye that serves as a reminder of a scar he got  during a match against Romero.

Even though this is a Pure Rules Match, Delirious warned Romero that things could get violent.

“Just remember that the scars of the past may hold animosity that could manifest itself at any moment,” Delirious said through an interpreter who understands his unique gibberish. “Those scars may cause me to hurt you, because those scars are forever.”

Romero acknowledged that he and Delirious have unfinished business.

“We traded wins and losses back in the day,” Romero said. “The battles between Delirious and I have never been easy. They’ve been pretty rough. And as much as I can remember, in the old school ROH days I was kind of an a**hole, so maybe I need to tap into that. Maybe it’s time to bring back that buzzsaw kick.”