ROH Recap: Team Cody vs Team Castle in Christmas Surprise 10-Man Tag Match

Cody and Dalton Castle Begin Selecting Their Teams

To determine the participants in tonight’s Christmas Surprise 10-Man Tag Match, team captains Cody and ROH World Champion Dalton Castle will open Christmas packages that each contain the name of an ROH competitor inside. 

Cody said he was not happy about not getting to pick his own team. He opened the first package and did not look happy when he saw the name inside. Castle walked in and asked Cody who he got. Cody replied that it’s none of Castle’s business. Castle called Cody a grinch, and Cody walked away. Castle opened his first package and looked pleased after reading the name inside.

The Dawgs (Rhett Titus and Will Ferrara) vs. Simon Grimm and Flip Gordon

The Dawgs were dressed for the holidays, with Titus wearing a Santa hat and Christmas shirt, while Ferrara was dressed in a Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer costume (complete with a red nose) -- apparently against his will, judging by his behavior.

The reindeer costume was a hindrance for Ferrara early in the match, but The Dawgs eventually gained the upper hand thanks to their unorthodox double-team offense. That allowed Ferrara to ditch his reindeer duds (fortunately he had his ring gear on underneath).

Grimm, making his first appearance on “Ring of Honor Wrestling,” took over the match momentarily after Gordon tagged him in. Gordon then went to hit a springboard move off the apron onto Ferrara, but Ferrara shoved him to the floor in mid-flight.

Meanwhile, Grimm rolled up Titus for a pin attempt. When Titus kicked out, his momentum drove Grimm into the ropes, where Ferrara was waiting on the outside with a gift-wrapped box that he nailed Grimm in the head with out of the referee’s view. The Big Dawgs followed up with Who Let The Dawgs Out on Grimm for the win.

Cody and Dalton Castle Finish Selecting Their Teams

Cody made two more picks. He was very happy with the first one, but after seeing who his second pick was, he said, “Does this guy even work here?” Cody made his final selection, and he didn’t care for that one either. “I didn’t get any of my friends,” he complained. “Christmas sucks.”

Castle, who had made his previous two picks off camera, made his final selection. “Well, this certainly makes things interesting,” Castle said after seeing the name inside the package. He then began to laugh.

Women of Honor 2017 Year in Review Video Package

It was noted that Women of Honor Wednesdays attracted a record number of viewers every week on YouTube in what was a banner year for WOH. Both Mandy Leon and Kelly Klein were spotlighted for having competed for Stardom, the premier women’s wrestling organization in the world, in 2017. 

The focus then turned to the rivalry between Klein (who still has not been pinned or forced to submit in WOH), Deonna Purrazzo and Karen Q. In a no-disqualification match between the latter two competitors, Purrazzo scored a decisive victory and enters 2018 with momentum.

New stars who came onto the scene in 2017 included ROH Dojo graduate Stella Grey and Brandi Rhodes, the wife of Cody. Looking ahead to 2018, history will made with a much-anticipated tournament to crown the first WOH Champion.

Team Cody (Cody, Scorpio Sky, Josh Woods, Chris Sabin and Punishment Martinez) vs. Team Dalton Castle (Dalton Castle, Silas Young, Hanson, Jonathan Gresham and Marty Scurll) in a Christmas Surprise 10-Man Tag Match

Cody came to the ring first and had a Christmas gift in his hand. He said that in the spirit of Christmas he will give the gift to the loudest fan. After the fans started making noise, Cody threw the gift down and stomped on it. “Nobody gets it. I hate Christmas!” he said.

The big surprise when the teams were introduced was that Cody’s Bullet Club teammate Marty Scurll was on Team Castle. Not long after the match started, Cody and Scurll were both tagged in through no choice of their own. Castle snuck into the ring and shoved Scurll into Cody while Cody had his back turned. For a moment, it appeared that Cody and Scurll were going to fight, but they ended up hugging instead.

That led to all 10 men going at it in a brawl that spilled outside the ring. Cody took out everyone on the floor with a leap off the top rope. Martinez then did a springboard flip dive off the middle rope onto everyone, and Hanson followed with a flip dove off the top.

Once the action returned to inside the ring, Castle’s team took turns hitting running clotheslines on Sky in the corner. Every time Scurll attempted one, however, Sky caught him with boots to the face. Shortly thereafter, Team Cody took turns hitting running forearms on Scurll. When it came time for Cody’s turn, he charged across the ring but held up at the last moment. Martinez threw Cody into the corner, but Scurll moved and Cody hit the post shoulder first.

After more fast and furious action, Castle finally landed a Bang-a-Rang on Sky to pick up the victory for his team. Scurll, rather than celebrating with his teammates, was upset that Cody’s team lost.