ROH Recap: Shocking Development with Bully Ray and Briscoes!

Matt Taven (w/Vinny Marseglia and TK O’Ryan) vs. Jay White

Rather than adhere to the Code of Honor, Taven slugged White in the face, immediately setting the tone for what would be a hard-hitting bout between two aggressive competitors. Taven and White battled inside and outside the ring, with White eventually taking control after hitting a nasty-looking brainbuster on the apron. White got several near falls on Taven but couldn’t put him away.

The tide turned in Taven’s favor thanks to his Kingdom brethren -- Marseglia and O’Ryan -- distracting White, but White managed to regain the advantage. White prepared to hit a move off the top rope,  but Marseglia distracted the referee, and that allowed O’Ryan to use his baseball bat to trip White off the ropes. Taven capitalized by hitting Climax off the top rope for the win.

After the match, all three members of The Kingdom attacked White until White’s fellow Search And Destroy members -- The Motor City Machine Guns and Jonathan Gresham -- made the save.

Flip Gordon Begins Assembling His Army

From earlier today: Coast 2 Coast were backstage discussing one of their recent matches when Gordon walked in. He said he’s tired of Bullet Club beating him up, so he’s looking for guys to join him who have nothing to lose and everything to gain, just like him. Coast 2 Coast said they are in, and they know a guy from the West Coast who will join them. 

ROH World Television Title Contender’s Match: Shane Taylor vs. Cheeseburger

The winner of this match earns a spot in the Four Corner Survival Match for the ROH World Television Title at Final Battle Dec. 15. Punishment Martinez punched his ticket into the match last week.

Taylor appeared reluctant to impose his will on the much smaller Cheeseburger, but the gutsy Cheeseburger wouldn’t back down. Cheeseburger started with a flurry of offense and stunned Taylor with the Shotay. When Cheeseburger tried to follow up, however, Taylor grabbed him and delivered a bone-jarring chokeslam. Taylor arrogantly covered Cheeseburger with one foot, but Cheeseburger got his shoulder up. Taylor mercifully ended it shortly thereafter, pinning Cheeseburger after a KO punch.

The Dawgs (Rhett Titus and Will Ferrara) came down to the ring after the match and offered Taylor a tall pint of pennies to take out Cheeseburger for good. Taylor, who has made it known that he’s a gun for hire, poured the pennies on Ferrara’s head. Rejected by Taylor, The Dawgs decided they would do their own dirty work, but Taylor stepped in front of them and would not allow them to touch Cheeseburger.

Silas Young on Facing Jonathan Gresham Next Week in TV Title Contenders Series

Young said that he is going to take advantage of his opportunity to earn a shot at the ROH World Television Title. He said that Gresham is talented, but he will find out why Young is called “the last real man.”

Final Member of Flip Gordon’s Army Revealed

From earlier today: Gordon and Coast 2 Coast approached Scorpio Sky about joining them to face Bullet Club. Sky said he’s in.

Adam Page vs. Dalton Castle

ROH World Champion Cody, who will defend his title against Castle at Final Battle, sat in on commentary. Before the opening bell, Cody left the announce table to speak with Page, but Castle abruptly cut that conversation short by diving through the ropes onto Page. And the match was underway.

Page survived Castle’s initial assault and gained the advantage after hitting a spectacular moonsault off the top onto Castle on the floor. Castle proved resilient, however, and he appeared on his way to victory after hitting the Bang-a-Rang on Page. Cody, however, broke up the pin by pulling the referee out of the ring.

As Castle chased Cody around the ring, Page hit a Shooting Star Press off the apron to stun Castle. After the action returned to inside the ring, Castle got too close to the ropes and was grabbed by Cody, who had hopped up on the apron. Page charged at Castle, but Castle moved and Page inadvertently nailed Cody.

Castle immediately hit a German suplex on Page and followed up with a top wristlock submission maneuver. Page tapped out, giving the hard-fought victory to Castle.

After the match, as Castle and Cody exchanged words, Page chop-blocked Castle from behind. As Page held Castle, Cody used the huge ring on his finger to punch Castle in the face. After Castle fell to the mat, Cody held the ring to Castle’s mouth to symbolically have him kiss the ring.

Bully Ray Addresses the Philadelphia Crowd

Standing in the ring inside the historic 2300 Arena, Bully Ray said that before the doors opened for the show he went out on the street to remind himself that he never forgot where he came from. An “E-C-W” chant broke out, and Bully Ray said he’s proud of those letters, but he’s just as proud of “R-O-H.”

Bully said, “It’s time,” in regard to the end of his career as an in-ring competitor. He said he’s still under contract with ROH and hopes to stick around and help the younger guys. He said he truly believes in ROH the same way he believed in ECW, and then he thanked the fans, saying, “I love each and every last one of you.”

The fans gave Bully a standing ovation. ROH COO Joe Koff entered the ring and thanked Bully for all that he’s done for ROH. Koff said Bully is more than welcome to stay with the company and share his knowledge. 

Jay Briscoe, who had hit Bully in the head with a table during a match in which they were teammates at Death Before Dishonor two months ago -- a blow that caused Bully’s career-ending concussion -- came down to the ring. He taunted Bully, hurling vulgarities at him and knocking the ROH cap off Bully’s head.

Bully was ready to fight, but Koff stepped in and tried to calm him down. Briscoe then spit on Bully, which incensed Koff, who shoved Briscoe. Fortunately, before Briscoe could retaliate, ROH officials hit the ring and got Koff out of harm’s way.

Briscoe then nailed Bully from behind with a clubbing blow and grabbed a chair. Before Briscoe could do further damage, ECW legend and Bully’s best friend Tommy Dreamer came out. Meanwhile, Bully’s girlfriend, Velvet Sky, came down to check on him.

As Dreamer and Jay Briscoe argued, Jay’s brother, Mark, came out. Mark got in Jay’s face about his vile actions and took the chair away from him.

Suddenly, Mark kicked Dreamer low, which both stunned and incensed the crowd, and Jay nailed Dreamer with the chair. The Briscoes then intimidated a terrified Sky and forcibly removed her from the ring.

To put an exclamation point on their shocking and reprehensible attack, the Briscoes hit 3D on Bully.