ROH Recap: Shane Taylor's World TV Title Is On The Line Against Joe Hendry

“The Prestigious One” Joe Hendry challenges for Shane Taylor’s ROH World Television Title. Also on the episode: Highlights of ROH World Champion RUSH against Jeff Cobb and the dream match between Flamita and “Speedball” Mike Bailey!

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #426
Airdate: Weekend of Nov. 16, 2019

Highlights from Honor United Bolton: ROH World Title Match: Champion RUSH vs. Jeff Cobb

RUSH and Cobb battled back-and-forth for nearly 15 minutes when RUSH set up for Bull’s Horns. As RUSH charged across the ring, Cobb got to his feet, built up a head of steam and speared RUSH.

Cobb appeared to be on the verge of winning the title as he put RUSH in position for Tour of the Islands. RUSH, however, countered with an inside cradle for a near fall.

RUSH landed an overheard German Suplex into the corner and followed up with Bull’s Horns. When RUSH saw Cobb starting to pull himself up in the corner, RUSH hit Bull’s Horns again and covered Cobb for the win.

Video Package: Jay Lethal has a new attitude

At Honor United in London, Lethal and Mark Briscoe were having a great back-and-forth match until Lethal’s best friend, Jonathan Gresham, showed up. While both Lethal and the referee had their attention diverted, Gresham emerged from under the ring and rammed Mark Briscoe into the ring post, busting him open. That brought out an irate Jay Briscoe. Gresham grabbed a chair and ran into the ring, and Jay Briscoe followed him. Lethal, seemingly angry with Gresham, ripped the chair away from him.

Then Lethal turned from Gresham and blasted Jay Briscoe over the head with the chair, busting him open. Lethal and Gresham continued to assault the Briscoes, but the 11-time ROH World Tag Team Champions, blood streaming down their faces, fought back. Referees and security hit the ring to separate the four men.

The next night in Newport, Lethal and Gresham opened the show by saying they didn’t owe anyone an explanation for why they bloodied the Briscoes in London. Lethal said he and Gresham will do whatever it takes to win from now on and they want the Briscoes’ ROH World Tag Team Championship.

On the final night of the tour in Bolton, PCO defeated Lethal by disqualification after Gresham interfered. After the match, Gresham repeatedly nailed PCO’s back with a chair. Gresham said he and Lethal will do this on every show until ROH officials give them what they want -- a shot at the ROH World Tag Team Title.

Jay and Mark Briscoe came out and brawled with Lethal and Gresham. After the two teams were pulled apart, Jay Briscoe said they’ll defend the tag title against Lethal and Gresham at Final Battle on Dec. 13.

Highlights from Honor United London: WOH World Title Match: Champion Kelly Klein vs. The Allure’s Mandy Leon

Leon appeared to have won the title when she pinned Klein after nailing her in the face with the championship belt behind the referee’s back. Leon was announced as the new champion, but senior referee Todd Sinclair came down to the ring and ordered the match to be restarted. Klein immediately hit K-Power on Leon for the three count.

Highlights from Honor United Bolton: “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Flamita

This first-time-ever dream match more than lived up to the hype. The thrilling match ended with Flamita scoring a hard-fought victory with a 450 Splash.

Video package: Pre-match comments from Shane Taylor, Joe Hendry

Hendry said he flew himself halfway around the world when he didn’t have a penny to his name because he believed in himself. Taylor said he had people die in his arms to get to where he is, so Hendry hasn’t sacrificed anything like he has. Hendry said Taylor should worry about him taking his title. Taylor said he’ll show Hendry he’s the baddest champion he’s ever seen.

From Honor United London: ROH World Television Title Match: Champion Shane Taylor vs. Joe Hendry

After several minutes of hard-hitting action inside and outside the ring, Hendry hit a Codebreaker for a near fall. Taylor answered with a package piledriver for a near fall and a splash off the middle rope for another near fall. The resilient Hendry rallied and hit an impressive fallaway slam for a near fall. The challenger then applied the Hendry Lock, but Taylor was able to escape. Taylor regained the advantage with a headbutt, and then finally put Hendry down for a three count after Greetings from 216.