ROH Recap: Shane Taylor Conquers Kenny King

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #478
Airdate: Weekend of Nov. 14, 2020


Video package: Amy Rose delivers a message from La Facción Ingobernable



Host Quinn McKay welcomed viewers to the show and threw to the finish of Brody King’s win over Dalton Castle on last week’s episode.


Brody King’s post-match comments



Preview package: Soldiers of Savagery vs. Briscoes



Soldiers of Savagery (Moses and Kaun) vs. Jay and Mark Briscoe
(20-minute time limit)

EC3 sat in on commentary. The Briscoes isolated Moses early. After Kaun was tagged in, he unloaded on Jay Briscoe. SOS double-teamed Jay. Eventually, Mark Briscoe tagged in and hit a flurry of offense. The Briscoes hit a double superplex off the top rope on Kaun. Mark made a cover, but Moses broke it up.

All four men began slugging it out. After Jay and Kaun spilled to the floor, Moses hit a headbutt off the middle rope on Mark and followed with a cannonball off the apron on Jay. Kaun landed a frog splash on Mark for a near fall. Later, Mark set up a chair in the ring and used it as a springboard to do a flip dive over the top rope onto Kaun. Jay hit a Death Valley Driver on Moses, and Mark followed with Froggy Bow for the win at 9:41.

After the match, EC3 came off commentary and stood in the aisle in front of the Briscoes. Jay took exception and asked EC3 if he had a problem. EC3 just stared ahead. Mark convinced Jay to leave with him.


Preview package: Bateman faces Matt Taven next week

Bateman said Taven went from the main event at Madison Square Garden to living life as a coward. Referring to Taven’s attack on Vincent, Bateman asked who attacks a man from behind. He said Taven should’ve never come back after Final Battle last year. Taven said Vincent left lasting scars on his body that remind him vengeance is coming and revenge is forever.

Bateman said Taven should want to face him instead of Vincent because he’s a much nicer guy. Taven said if he has to go through Bateman to get to Vincent, so be it. Taven said karma comes for everyone, and that’s a trend he’s looking to continue.


The Briscoes’ post-match comments



Shane Taylor sit-down interview



Kenny King sit-down interview



Kenny King vs. Shane Taylor
(20-minute time limit)

King extended his hand for the Code of Honor, but Taylor spit on it. King responded with a punch to the face. King used his quickness to frustrate Taylor in the early going. King wanted to fist bump Taylor, but Taylor rocked him with a forearm to the face. Taylor followed with a barrage of heavy blows to King’s chin. King fired up, but Taylor shut him down with a shoulder block.

Taylor hit a leg drop for a near fall and a draping cutter for another near fall. King caught Taylor with a spinning heel kick and followed with a spinning slam for a two count. Taylor hit a running knee to the face and then a package piledriver for a near fall. King answered with an overhead suplex for a two count. Taylor planted King with Welcome to the Land for the win at 10:14.

Taylor celebrated his victory and then he and King embraced after the match.



-- Matt Taven vs. Bateman

-- Jay Briscoe vs. EC3

-- Pure Rules Match: Jay Lethal vs. LSG