ROH Recap: ROH World Six Man Tag Team Titles on the Line

NOTE: This episode was taped prior to Bullet Club’s Young Bucks and Adam Page winning the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Title over the weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Dalton Castle Says Colt Cabana And His “Boyz” Will Not Prevail

“The Peacock” recapped the events of last week when a verbal confrontation between him and Cabana led to a title match being booked for this week’s show pitting ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions Castle and The Boys against Cabana and The Tempura Boyz. Castle said that taking the title from him and The Boys is a task Cabana is not ready for.

Coast To Coast (LSG and Shaheem Ali) vs. Best Friends (Beretta and Chucky T)

Rising Stars Coast To Coast went move-for-move with the veteran Best Friends and appeared primed to pull off the upset after LSG hit Saint’s Flosion on Beretta and Ali immediately followed up with a frog splash. Chucky T broke up the pin at the last second, however. LSG then went for a 450 Splash, but Beretta got his knees up, and that was the turning point. Chucky T hit a piledriver on LSG, and that flowed right into Beretta’s cradle piledriver on LSG for the win.

Jay Lethal Brawls With Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser

In a backstage interview taped prior to the start of the show, Lethal said he won’t rest until he exacts revenge on Young and Bruiser for them putting him in the hospital. Young appeared on the scene to taunt Lethal, and a brawl quickly ensued. Lethal got the better of “Pro Wrestling’s Last Real Man,” but then Bruiser showed up. Lethal and Bruiser went at it, with Lethal gaining the upper hand by kicking Bruiser low. By that point, Young had recovered, and he nailed Lethal from behind. Young and Bruiser double-teamed Lethal until security arrived to break it up. After order was restored, an enraged Lethal demanded to face Young and Bruiser either in singles or tag matches. He said his issue with them is going to come to an end soon.

Matt Taven (w/Vinny Marseglia and TK O’Ryan) vs. Jay Briscoe

Briscoe has suffered his share of frustration as of late and he was looking to take it out on Taven. However, the leader of The Kingdom came ready to fight and was determined to score his second victory over a former ROH World Champion in the past few months (Taven pinned Adam Cole in April). He nearly did it after landing a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Briscoe kicked out and eventually seized control of the match. Knowing Taven was in trouble, Marseglia tried to interfere, but Briscoe thwarted him with a neckbreaker. O’Ryan, still wearing a walking cast and using crutches after suffering a broken leg in March, began jawing with Briscoe and pointing his crutch at him. Briscoe grabbed the crutch and dragged O’Ryan into the ring. As O’Ryan crumbled in the corner and pleaded for mercy, Briscoe, with crutch in hand, turned his attention to Taven and Marseglia. Suddenly, O’Ryan removed the walking cast and nailed Briscoe in the head with it, causing Taven to be disqualified. After the match, The Kingdom placed a chair under the fallen Briscoe’s head and another on top of his head. Then all three Kingdom members picked up chairs and simultaneously slammed them onto a defenseless Briscoe.

ROH World Champion Cody Taking On All Comers

Cody bragged about all the successful title defenses he’s had. He brought in referee Todd Sinclair, who was holding a hat filled with names of challengers Cody has beaten. Two names drawn out of the hat were Jack Swagger and Ricochet. Cody said if anyone in ROH or any other promotion wants a shot, all they have to do is “sign up and show up.”

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Title Match: Dalton Castle and The Boys (Champions) vs. Colt Cabana and The Tempura Boyz (Sho and Yo) 

Cabana and The Tempura Boyz had some communication issues during the match, but they eventually gained the upper hand thanks to a flurry of offense by Sho and Yo. The Tempura Boyz held one of The Boys as Cabana prepared to deliver his Flip, Flop and Fly combination. Castle broke it up, however, and cleaned house on all three challengers. Castle went on to hit Bangarang on Cabana for the victory. After the match, Castle grabbed a microphone and told Cabana that the two of them have been at odds for a while, but he said he always admired Cabana and Cabana was an inspiration to him before he ever laced up the boots. Castle told Cabana he wants to like him. Castle noted that he has defeated Cabana three times now. “Have I earned your respect, yet?” Castle asked. Cabana extended his hand, and Castle accepted the handshake.