ROH Recap: Pure Title Tournament First Round: Tracy Williams versus Rust Taylor, PJ Black versus Tony Deppen

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #472
Airdate: Weekend of Oct. 3, 2020

The show opened with a #FollowTheTrend video

Host Quinn McKay welcomed viewers to Week 4 of the ROH Pure Title Tournament. She recapped last week’s show and pitched to highlights of Fred Yehi’s upset win over Silas Young in a Block A first-round match and Josh Woods’ win over Kenny King by split decision in a Block B first-round match.

Fred Yehi’s post-match comments

Yehi said he did what he said he was going to do: beat Silas Young in the middle of the ring. He said he has respect for Young. Yehi said he has history with Tracy Williams, but he doesn’t care who he faces in the next round. He said the “Savageweight” is in the business of breaking people.

Josh Woods’ post-match comments

Woods asked Quinn McKay how his mentor, Silas Young, did in his match. McKay said she’d tell him later. “Oh, it’s like that,” said Woods, realizing that Young lost. He said he knows Young will be proud of him. Woods said he wanted to earn Kenny King’s respect and he thinks he did. Woods said Young can cheer him on in the next round. McKay said that at least now there’s no chance Woods will have to face Young in the tournament final. “Lucky for him,” Woods said. Suddenly, Woods realized he said that out loud and sheepishly walked away.

A video presentation featured sit-down interviews with first-round opponents Rust Taylor and Tracy Williams.

Block A First-Round Match: Rust Taylor vs. Tracy Williams

After battling to a stalemate early, Williams caught Taylor in an STF, and Taylor had to use his first of three allotted rope breaks. Taylor began targeting Williams’ troublesome left shoulder. Taylor locked on a Cross Armbreaker, but Williams used his first rope break.

Taylor connected on a knee strike to the back of the head and made a cover, but Williams got his foot under the rope to use his second rope break at 10:50. Less than a minute later, Williams applied a rear naked choke, but Taylor countered into Rings of Saturn, and Williams had no choice but to use his final rope break.

Taylor grabbed an elbow lock. Out of rope breaks, Williams made his way to the ropes and propelled both him and Taylor out of the ring. They landed hard on the floor. After getting back inside the ring, Williams hit a big clothesline for a near fall. He tried to transition into a crossface, but Taylor escaped. Williams planted Taylor with a piledriver and locked on the crossface. Taylor tapped out at 14:23.

Williams advances to the Block A semifinals against Fred Yehi.

A video presentation featured sit-down interviews with first-round opponents Tony Deppen and PJ Black.

Block B First-Round Match: Tony Deppen vs. PJ Black (w/Brian Johnson)

Black was one step ahead in the early going, but Deppen got Black in an STF, and Black had to use his first rope break just 2:35 into the match. After the action spilled to the floor, Black connected with a superkick. Back inside the ring, Black went for a springboard crossbody, but Deppen got his knees up.

Deppen landed a series of forearms in the corner followed by a running knee strike. He made a cover, but Black kicked out at two. Deppen applied the STF again, but Black used his second rope break at 10:00. Black slid to the floor and tried to call a timeout, but Deppen nailed him with a somersault dive. Shortly thereafter, Deppen hit a double stomp off the top rope for a near fall.

Black answered with a cutter, but Deppen kicked out at one. Black then hit a twisting backbreaker into a face-first slam for a near fall. He was shocked that Deppen kicked out. Black followed with a crucifix driver for the win at 12:07.

Black advances to the Block B semifinals against Josh Woods.

The show closed with a mysterious video

Next week
Block A Semifinal: Jay Lethal vs. David Finlay
Block B Semifinal: Jonathan Gresham vs. Matt Sydal