ROH Recap: Pure Title Tournament First Round: Josh Woods Versus Kenny King, Silas Young Versus Fred Yehi

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #471
Airdate: Weekend of Sept. 26, 2020

Host Quinn McKay welcomed viewers to Week 3 of the ROH Pure Title Tournament. She recapped last week’s show and pitched to highlights of David Finlay’s win over Rocky Romero in a Block A first-round match and Matt Sydal’s win over Delirious in a Block B first-round match.

David Finlay’s post-match comments

Finlay said Jay Lethal, his opponent in the upcoming Block A semifinals, is the best ROH has to offer, and if he beats Lethal, he has a good shot at winning the tournament. He said his banged-up left shoulder won’t hinder him because he has some time to heal.

Matt Sydal’s post-match comments

Sydal said Delirious has been his nemesis for 20 years, and the Pure Title means everything to both of them. He said he showed everybody in ROH what it means to open your third eye. He thanked the wrestling gods that he gets to wrestle Jonathan Gresham (in the Block B semifinals) and said he is the only man who can carry on the legacy of the Pure Championship.

A video presentation featured sit-down interviews with first-round opponents Fred Yehi and Silas Young.

Block A First-Round Match: Fred Yehi vs. Silas Young

Yehi put Young in an Indian Deathlock, but Young used his first of three allotted rope breaks. Yehi punished Young with a series of knee strikes in the corner to his face and chest. Yehi trapped Young in a Koji Clutch. Young tried to escape, but Yehi countered into a crucifix for a two count.

Young rallied with a tornado DDT off the middle tope for a two count. He followed with a superplex, running knee and Anarchist Suplex. Yehi caught Young with an inside cradle for a near fall. Young went for the Milwaukee Plunge, but Yehi moved and Young landed on his feet. Yehi stomped Young’s foot, swept his leg and trapped him in an inside cradle to score the upset at 13:00.

Yehi advances to the Block A semifinals against the winner of next week’s match between Tracy Williams and Rust Taylor.

A video presentation featured sit-down interviews with first-round opponents Josh Woods and Kenny King.

Block B First-Round Match: Josh Woods vs. Kenny King

King went for a leapfrog, but Woods caught him in an ankle lock and transitioned into a seated double anklock. King slid under the bottom rope to the floor, which was ruled a rope break.

Woods was about to punch King in the face, but he stopped himself. King took advantage of the hesitation by connecting with a closed fist to the face that rocked Woods. King received a warning from the referee for the punch. Woods shook off the effects of the blow and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. Woods followed with a running knee strike in the corner to score a two count. Woods hit GTS near the ropes, and a staggered King took a spill to the floor.

Once he was back inside the ring, King hit Royal Flush and went for a cover. Woods’ right arm was under the ropes, which the referee ruled a rope break. King went for a superplex off the middle rope, but Woods countered into a twisting superplex. King caught Woods in a single-leg crab with 10 seconds remaining in the 15-minute time limit. Woods held on until the time expired.

The match went to the judges. Woods was declared the winner by split decision. Sumie Sakai and Will Ferrara voted for Woods, while Gary Juster went with King. Sakai said the difference was King using a punch to the face.

Woods advances to the Block B semifinals against the winner of next week’s match between PJ Black and Tony Deppen.

Next week
Block A First-Round Match: Tracy Williams vs. Rust Taylor
Block B First-Round Match: PJ Black vs. Tony Deppen