ROH Recap: Pure Title Tournament First Round: David Finlay Versus Rocky Romero, Delirious Versus Matt Sydal

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #470
Airdate: Weekend of Sept. 19, 2020

Host Quinn McKay welcomed viewers to Week 2 of the ROH Pure Title Tournament. She recapped last week’s show and pitched to highlights of Jay Lethal’s win over Dalton Castle in a Block A first-round match and Jonathan Gresham’s win over Wheeler Yuta in a Block B first-round match.

Jay Lethal’s post-match comments

Lethal said it was hard to get his second wind during the match because he couldn’t feed off the fans’ energy in an empty arena, but he overcame it. He said he’s never faced Rocky Romero or David Finlay in a singles match, but he doesn’t care which one of them he faces in the next round because he knows either of them will push him to the limit, which is what he wants. Lethal said he will become the only two-time ROH Pure Champion.

Jonathan Gresham’s post-match comments

Gresham said nothing will stop him from reaching his destiny, which is reshaping ROH from the ground up. He said neither Delirious nor Matt Sydal -- one of whom will face him in the next round -- will stop him from doing what must be done.

A video presentation featured sit-down interviews with first-round opponents David Finlay and Rocky Romero.

Block A First-Round Match: Rocky Romero vs. David Finlay

It was mentor versus student, as the veteran Romero took on the former New Japan Pro-Wrestling young lion Finlay. Romero applied the Diablo Armbar, which forced Finlay to use his first rope break a little over a minute into the match. Finlay locked on a Camel Clutch and transitioned into a seated Cobra Clutch. Romero escaped and hit a springboard DDT, and then began working over Finlay’s surgically repaired left shoulder.

Romero connected on a double stomp off the top rope onto the spine of Finlay, who was draped over the middle rope. Finlay rallied and applied a leglock submission, but Romero used his first rope break. Romero hit standing Sliced Bread for a near fall, but was issued a warning for using a closed fist to the head. Romero locked on the Diablo Armbar, but Finlay again managed to get to the ropes. Romero went for Sliced Bread, but Finlay countered with a backbreaker for a near fall. Finlay followed with Last Shot to score the pin at 13:02.

A video presentation featured sit-down interviews with first-round opponents Matt Sydal and Delirious.

Block B First-Round Match: Delirious vs. Matt Sydal

This match pitted longtime rivals/friends against each other 20 years after they broke into the sport together. Delirious worked over Sydal’s left leg early in the match. Sydal targeted Delirious’ left shoulder, but Delirious used his first rope break to escape an armbar. The masked man grabbed hold of Sydal’s left arm and yanked it as he dropped down off the apron. 

Sydal applied a half crab, but Delirious used his second rope break. Sydal rocked Delirious with a running knee under his chin. Delirious crumpled to the mat with both his legs pinned underneath him. Sydal covered him for a near fall, then hit a standing Shooting Star Press for another near fall. Sydal continued the assault with stiff kicks to Delirious’ legs and head.

Delirious answered with a Cobra Clutch into a back suplex that planted Sydal on his head. Delirious went for the Cobra Clutch again, but Sydal slipped out and applied the same hold to Delirious, who tapped out at 9:56.

Next week
Block A First-Round Match: Silas Young vs. Fred Yehi
Block B First-Round Match: Kenny King vs. Josh Woods